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Post by Warboss T » Thu May 24, 2012 2:14 pm

My talabecland empire army is based around the idea that it is the personal army of count feurbach who (according to the army book) has gone missing. with the motto 'never forgotten" on their battle standard this mistfit army, lead by the count's son( mounted on his father's trusty griffon), has set off on the trail of the count and across the empire to bring back the count or whats left of him,to Talabecland. And since, as i have the story going, the count was supposedly headed for the dread land of sylvania, my army contains many sigmarite priest and light wizards.
Space Marines: 1500 points (all painted) Ultramarines
Orks: 1700 points (all painted) Badmoon/Goffs
Imperial Guard: 2000 ( all painted) Cadian 8th
Empire:2000 points ( about 50% painted) talabecland
Vampire Counts: 2000 points (20% painted) Sylvania


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