Looking for advice: Slow build Narrative Campaign for WFB

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Looking for advice: Slow build Narrative Campaign for WFB

Post by JmOz01 » Sun Mar 18, 2018 10:14 am

I am looking for some advice on a semi-narrative map based campaign to help my son get into Miniature War gaming...

The idea I have so far, and need A LOT of help flushing it out is this:

We start with a version of Mordheim I have worked out (involving changing activation rules, and the Lustria Campaign setting rules) where the three factions have made land fall on a small island. A number of games (6?) to let the gangs grow, then they return home to get their armies. Who ever gets the highest gang rating by the end of it will get to choose their starting territory.

Each army will only be allowed to use 1 character (if we use 6th edition, Bretonians aka me will get 2) and core units.

Each "Slot" on the map will permit a roll on a random table, the table will include things like "1 more special Unit", armies will still have to be "legal" just further restricted. Starting at say 1000 points, then each "cycle" (say 4 games?) it will go up 250 or 500 points..Till we get to about 3000 points...

Any thoughts on things I should realize?


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