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Model Showcases

Post by MrEso » Sat Nov 26, 2016 12:28 am

This may seem like an odd question but:

Are there any videos of the guys showcasing some of the glorious models in their collection?

As a fan big fan of the aesthetics of warhammer, i for one, would watch the crap out of, say, a 30-40 min video, showing all the models of a particular faction/race/whathaveyou.

Maybe detailing who painted it? How long it took? Some particular troubles and triumphs? Hell, even a review of what they think of the units, some of their favs, and some historically awesome situations that a particular model/unit may have overcome.

Perhaps i'm missing this section completely? Just beginning to comb through the massive stockpile of video - have stuck to Bat-Reps thus far.

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Re: Model Showcases

Post by Guildenstern » Sat Nov 26, 2016 4:46 am

If you look in the general painting thread I think it is, there's a ton of links by peeps doing that - sometimes just pics but I know for instance Den of Imagination has youtube chock full of their beautiful models

Otherwise I think stuff tends to be divided into painting tutorials and other army stuff - although I know I've seen MWG post some video overview of entire armies. I can't think of where though :( I dunno if they talk about tactics tho, in those. Maybe try searching army overview? Good luck!
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