Home Brew rules for 8th Edition

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Home Brew rules for 8th Edition

Post by Guildenstern » Sun Nov 13, 2016 4:33 pm

So this is based on the swamp board I did (you can check it out in my terrain thread).

We're working on some terrain/objective special rules for the swamp theme.

Right now, this game, we're trying this out. I have 10 - 60mm markers. At the beginning of the game we rolled to see what they were, turned them upside down, mixed em up, and took turns placing them.

Swamp Markers
1. It's just more green water
2. Bonepiles (Undead only)
3. Deep Water - Dangerous Terrain
4. Sticky Swamp – half movement within range (2 inches to edge of marker)
5. Maybe a …. tunnel? (Skaven only)
6. Monster

If a necromancer casts Raise Dead spell, then:
1. +5 Skeletons or +1 Zombies
2. +4 Skeletons or +2 Zombies
3. +3 Skeletons or +3 Zombies
4. +2 Skeletons or +4 Zombies
5. +1 Skeletons or +5 Zombies
6. Special Undead (Barrow)

Barrow -
when casting Raise Dead spell, instead of Skeletons or Zombies, you get Grave Guard (+2 Casting DC)

Skaven Tunnels

1. Abandoned Tunnel – unusable
2. Mushroom Tunnel – dangerous terrain
3. Collapsing Tunnel – one use only
4. Normal Tunnel
5. Warpstone Mists – tunnel filled with mists of warpstone; tranversers use Scouts rule to come out
6. Volcanic Vent – unit takes 2d6 wounds the turn after emerging, but has flaming attacks & double movement until the round after the wounds are distributed

Idea being - Skaven tunnels are for my army (allow Skaven using it to pop out onto the board in a random location, no warmachines, troops only), bonepiles for his (as he's VCs, to increase his raising dead). Probably could come up with other ideas for other armies as well, if it were to come up.

we're toying with the idea of using them kind of like 40k objectives - that is, you get your VP by controlling it. I was thinking about adding a VP for the initial 'discovery' to give us more impetus to do more than avoid them lol
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