Samurai Themed AoS Army???

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Samurai Themed AoS Army???

Post by CrimsonLion » Sun Sep 11, 2016 2:16 pm

So I'm in the process of creating a Samurai/ "Nippon" themed Slannesh/ Slaves to Darkness Army with some serious fluff to go along with it. Here is a reader's digest version of the background fluff: " Basically after the Battles with the Elves in Naggaroth, the Slaanesh WoC and Daemons that accompanied them lead by a Daemon Prince (No name yet), fled west towards the unknown are of what then was known as the "Far East", landing on the Northern most part of Nippon. There they encountered a group of damned samurai known only as the "Black Samurai" who had debased themselves so much in chaotic sorcery and vile acts, that they had been exiled to their fortress in the norther islands of Nippon. They join forces and begin to wreak havoc in the far East, continuing their goal of chaotic dominance"..... something along those lines. I'm working on a much longer, more detailed history.

Anyway, the questions I have are, does this seem like a viable army? and does anyone know of any good samurai models that could be used as "WoC" that are roughly the same size as Mauraders or Chaos Warriors? Obviously they will be slimmer and not as bulky, but the only ones I can find thus far are old pewter samurai models that are a bit too small.

Thanks everyone, looking forward to the feedback.
I'll also send post some photos of what i have going on so far.

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