Short and Sweet Batrep: Ironjawz vs Daughters of Khaine for Season of War

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Short and Sweet Batrep: Ironjawz vs Daughters of Khaine for Season of War

Post by Dez » Thu Jul 14, 2016 10:29 am

I played again last night, another nail biter! I finally got the Ironjawz on the table.

Groggo Kegsmasha da Bane of Brew and Outdrinker of Aleguzzler Gargants: Megaboss
Dave Lombardo Warchanter of Da Defftones in Deffgob da Git Eaters Warband: Warchanter
10 Brutes
10 Ardboyz
10 Ardboyz
(I promise to come up with names for them later, I have already just not coming to me at the moment. This is the first time since my Ork Warboss Toegnasher and my Big Mek Cogbuster I've gotten excited enough to name things). I took Battle Brew on Groggo (duh!) and Talisman of Protection on Dave. Command Trait was Ravager: +2 on my D6 extra move in the Hero Phase. I also took the Ironfist Battalion, which gave me another D6 move in the hero phase. Suddenly that move value of 4" isn't relevant anymore because these guys can BOOK!

I played against The Daughters of Khaine (Dark Elves).
Cauldron of Blood (Quicksilver Potion - Once per game, Auto go first in combat)
Death Hag (-1 rend on one weapon)
20 Witch Elves
10 Witch Elves
10 Witch Elves

We played A Clash of Battle Lines at 1000 points, per the Matched Play rules and in the Season of War campaign. We played on a 6x4, split into 4 12" strips length wise, my poor illustration is below:

Player A Deployment Zone
Player A Front Line
Player B Front Line
Player B Deployment Zone

Each player needed at least 3 Battle Line units which were just units with at least 10 models. These could be set up in the Front Line territories, at least 3" away from any enemy units. In your hero phase, you could bring back a unit of 10 models that had been destroyed and place it in your deployment zone board edge within 6" but 9" away from any enemy units.

The game lasted 5 rounds, and whoever had the most units in the enemy deployment zone wins a major victory. If tied for units in enemy deployment zone, whoever had the most units in the enemy territory wins a minor victory. Anything else is a draw.

All I have to say, is those Witch Elves are like blenders! We did make a few blunders on the way as we're both learning to play (it was my opponents first game) but a lot of fun. At turn 5, my opponent won initiative and went first. At this point, I only had scraps (my Warchanter actually) left in his part of the board. He had nothing in mine, but ran a unit of 1 and 6 Witch Elves up and into my Deployment zone. He murdered the Warchanter, and it was my turn. I had 1 unit of Ardboyz on the board that couldn't quite make it to his side of the table. I placed a unit of Brutes 9" away, and did the same with the other unit of Ardboyz (Just ran them up the board, still came up short). The Brutes charged...and just outright murderized the witches. Results: Draw!

Brutes were brutal, Witch Elves near the Cauldron with blend up my little green buddies in a scary, scary way. Very fun game, can't wait to play more!


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