Vampire Counts Troop Choice : Fun to Model and Paint?

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Vampire Counts Troop Choice : Fun to Model and Paint?

Post by OverlordRick » Sat May 28, 2016 9:34 am

So Total War: Warhammer did its job; I both love the game and really want to buy some more models. I wanted to start with some core units for the Vampire Counts. In your experience, which of their core units is the most fun to build and paint? I need something to do this memorial weekend besides work. Thanks guys!

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Re: Vampire Counts Troop Choice : Fun to Model and Paint?

Post by Guildenstern » Sat May 28, 2016 8:53 pm

core units are usually skeletons or zombies, I think skeletons might be a better choice, but I'm basing that on 8th edition
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Re: Vampire Counts Troop Choice : Fun to Model and Paint?

Post by TigerDave » Mon May 30, 2016 7:07 pm

There is a lot of room for discussion here.

My personal take would be to find a few heroes to start with and paint them. Use them as your stepping point in which direction you wish to go.

The IP that Total War is built upon, the Old World, doesn't exist any more, lore-wise. Game-wise, you are welcome to do what you want. Eighth Edition Warhammer Fantasy (the Total War setting) was pretty darned good. Rules are still available, as well as a lot of the figures, and the only Gaming Inquisition® you will find is other players' opinions. An unfortunate side-effect of GW introducing the End Times and destroying the Old World also resulted in a fragmenting of the player base. You will find several groups that play various Warhammer Fantasy versions from the past, players that have moved to other game systems such as Kings of War or "9th Edition", and players for Age of Sigmar, Games Workshop's descendant game from Fantasy. Just understand that you will not get official support from Games Workshop for Eighth Edition setting.

For me, I am working on a Flesh-Eaters army; GW changed the lore for the ghouls and created a wacky vampires/insane minions hybrid that I am finding particularly delightful! I love the lore, I love the insanity, and I love the change to summoning techniques. I will be taking this army forward in our local Age of Sigmar league that starts this forthcoming weekend. Looking forward to some fun!

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Re: Vampire Counts Troop Choice : Fun to Model and Paint?

Post by DerBaron » Fri Jun 03, 2016 2:45 am

Personally, I'd go for all of them. If you're going to collect a playable army, you'll need lots of core, and painting 80 skeletons can be a bit boring. So go for all of them to get some variety to painting and modelling. When your core choices are done, you'll have sooooo many cool units and models to choose from...

One good tip is also to make unit fillers, this way your army is much more personal and you'll make the painting part much easier (again) and get to really do some nice modelling, converting, terrain making and even sculpting. It'll also save you some money.


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