2000 High Elves army list 8th

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2000 High Elves army list 8th

Post by stemlog » Sat Mar 26, 2016 4:36 pm

Im planning to get back to the game after a looong while (last played at brink of 6th).
(We all know that Age of Sigmar is not an option...)
The list is intended to be for tournaments and rather try to cover "all options" (yeah yeah i know)
Heres a list I thought of:

Lords 19%(347):
Archmage - lv.4, elven steed w. barding, [Talisman of Preservation, Book of Hoeth] (347) - lore to choose
Heroes 16%(283):
Mage - lv.2, [Dispell scroll], Lore of High Magic (145)
Noble - BSB, heavy armour, great weapon [War Banner] (138)
Core 28%(525):
25 Spearman, full command, Banner of Eternal Flame (265)
10 Silverhelms, shield, full command (260)
Special 33%(598):
18 Phenix Guard, full command, Banner of Swiftness (315)
7 Dragon Princes of Caledor, full command, Banner of World Dragon (283)
Rare 6%(100):
2 Great Eagles (100)

Total: 1853
There is still 147 point left. And i dont know how to polish the list.
As i played and watched all vault videos, there is a clear conclusion - shooting does not work well (unless you really commit but then theres nothing to fight), so 10 archers or a bolt thrower (2 with some item wiggling) doesnt make sense.
Since we are elves, we neeeeeed ward save, or else go ouie
Archmage goes to dragon princes. He now has 5+/4+ (and usually 2+ from the banner, 4+ward is intended for combat, these guys will take a lot of it). Im not 100% sure about the book but pointwise hell still take his 100
Mage goes to phenix guard. Lore of high magic because +1 to cast, and getting +1 ward save, what brings the phenix guard to 3+ward save... he can also go with any spell roll, signatures are enough. Draing magic on 4+ to get the buffs of ogre meat bus or something + someone has to carry dispell scroll
BSB - goes to phenix guard
spearmen - beacuse core, 15 points for flaming attacks doesnt hurt and trolls love to eat juicy spearmen
silverhelms - because core, more mobility, 2+save (we are elves...), good punch
phenix guard - because they are totally imba (+combo with the mage for 3+ ward, cause fear and all other stuff). They will hold the middle + 2 banners for combat res and mov
dragon pricnes - well, archmage shouldnt die quickly (+the imba banner...), and all else should die quickly
eagles - hunters, redirection units, sacrifice units - you just need them

My ideas for remaining 147 (give or take):
Scycutter chariot + 50 points in magic for drakemaster (ogre blade+helm/shield making him nearly a noble, 1+/banner)
2 tiranoc chariots - well i have the models :) some support for infantry (and 4 bows!)
+1 rank spearmen(30), +1 rank phenix (23) and 17 points left
+1 rank phenix (23) + 1 tiranoc chariot
2 bolt throwers - i have the models
swapping one dragon prince for a noble with ogre blade, enchanted shield, luckstone to get even more power there
10 swormasters with musician

So its either adding a small support unit (few silverhelmes, small block of spears, reavers, few swordmasters, few lions)
or boosting.

Give your best shot at commenting! Dont be gentle :)

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Re: 2000 High Elves army list 8th

Post by TheCaledorian » Sat Mar 26, 2016 7:49 pm

I suggest (just from experience) getting the two Bolt Throwers as apposed to getting more troops or chariots. I've never been able to use Tiranoc Chariots well, 5 more Phoenix Guard won't get their points back, and 5 more spearmen will have virtually no effect on the game. A noble decked out for combat could work well too, but 3 attacks in combat aren't always reliable.

I have had some success with monster and cavalry sniping by using bolt throwers en masse, but even better is the 6 shots into the enemy's bunker unit. If you unload 12 S4 bolts into that group of Tomb Guard, Saurus, or whatever, eventually you can allocate enough hits to damage his characters. Statistically, you will hit with about 6 shots (at long range) and allocate 1-2 onto the characters. Every turn. I don't know anyone who can take that many hits and still be in good shape halfway through the battle. I've managed to kill Hierophants, Runelords, and that pesky Tetto-eko no problem with this tactic, so its well worth the points.

Also, Book of Hoeth can be a game saver. Definitely a good choice.

I do suggest maybe getting White Lions depending on who you are facing, because S6 is something rare for High Elves.

All in all this is a great list that I may consider stealing in the future. Great job!
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Now we're getting somewhere...
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Re: 2000 High Elves army list 8th

Post by stemlog » Sat Mar 26, 2016 9:55 pm

As mentioned, if you commit to shooting then it may work (well, knowing my luck i dont like to gamble :P)
There is an option with Bolts.
If we ditch the war banner and eagles, we can put 4 bolt throwers and get a closed 1998 list.
Only 4 are an option, as too often when i went with 2 they were immediately targeted by scouts or flyers or flankers, got maybe 2 turns of shooting.
If i knew what enemy i would face (goblins, humans, other elves, maybe lizards) i would go for bolts.
But with 4 on unknown terrain (you can get "close" deplyment) surely one will get some hard cover reducing the statistic. For chaos or ogres its rather tickling than real dmg. i have a "rather not sense" about it. And we loose the eagles (but with this army all the buffed saves thay might survive flanks).
Also im worried about other machines. Bolts do nothing against casket or a cannon or a tank. spearmen or phenix or even silvers will eat a lot of catapults/warpfire/cannons and thats a no-no

Good point with chariots and more ranks, not needed. only d6 impact hits, requires good positioning.

So options:
a). All-in - you just elf him (+magic)
Go with list as is + drop one caledor for a noble on horse, ogre blade, shield, luckstone + some sword or armour or combined for drakemaster or other around-50 item wiggling. 3 attacks, ASF, 6WS, 7STR 1+/1reroll/banner
I would dare to charge a demon prince
Also this option (or item wiggling) covers undead/etheral and wound by only magic. Bolt option lacks this

b). Bolt option
Drop eagles, drop war banner on bsb, get 4 bolts (maybe some wiggling banners/items, noble can now have something)

c). Support + buff
Im curious about skycutter chariot and would like to test it (dont have the model yet even dont know if worth buying). very long charge, good for other war machines and stray units (skinks, gutter runners and all the annoying stuff) + 42 points left for ogre blade on drakemaster (the 2nd turn after charge it will matter a lot)

d). new idea - phenix
Ditch eagles and get a cold phenix + 7 points for shield on drakemaster.
No idea how the blue one really works (or the red one either) but looks like an option

e). what i think is the best option - heavy support
Ditch the banner on BSB and great weapon (we need exactly those 4 points :P or this 15p banner on spearman hurts).
10 white lions, musician, bsb, war banner here, they need this +1 - no ranks
or just change name from lions to swordmasters (exactly the same cost). some people love swordmasters but they are so elfy T3 and 5+/6+shooting, before they get anywhere they are half dead, a single chariot even mows them. but just found out 2 attacks. hmm interesting
or 10 sisters of avelorn + high sister + reaver bow. Just read into this unit, and when i think of it this is absolutely the best option. for 175 points you get a a bit more than 2 movable bolt throwers and cover the regen/etheral lack of normal bolts. reaver bow is at BS6 so finally some hits :)
We close at 1999

If you know what youre facing and play with friends and know their tactics, tables/missions you usually play there is probably a shitload of other options for this 150/droping eagles.
But going "out there" i would opt a). or e). (for now also b). because of lack of models :P)
Giants or abomination or other really monstrous monsters are what i hate. white lions should take on a giant maybe, with bolt its a gamble but again 4 single bolts becomes a power
The a). train option takes nearly anything but its one unit less.
No idea how would phenix or skycutter do against a giant (i presume skycutter not so well...)
With the edit after finding out sisters, i think sisters

Steal away (but leave a comment :) )


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