Help with school league

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Help with school league

Post by BThomas » Wed Mar 09, 2016 10:36 pm

I am Band/Arts and Humanities teacher from Louisville KY. My school for the last 5 year has been in PLA status (persistently low achieving). We have because of the risk of the students, and the drive to drive up their scores and motivations to be at school we have been using a lot of out of the box strategies.
Last year my principal allowed me to teach my Arts&Humanities classes through comics and gaming. This we highly successful. My students were reading gaming manuals, creating D&D modules, and at one point created their own version of a table top war-game. We were seeing results of student attendance improving.
Since the release of Age of Sigmar i have been introducing the game to students because of the simplicity and strategic thinking. Instead of pouring hours upon hours learning the rules AoS allows my students to get started within minutes. Through this students are creating their own backstories and fluf to go with their personal army.
Our school is a Title1 school meaning that the majority of our students are from a low income family which means we cannot ask for any money from our students even for extra curricular activities. With the title 1 and PLA status combined any extra money is allotted to the core content classes leaving $0 for anything extra. At this point I’m using my own money for models and a little terrain that i have created on my own. Using simple things like jinga blocks and foam inserts from printers and computers

1. I need help with advice of where to find models possibly for free because any money put into this program is from me and i already spend an average of $1000 a year of my own just for basic supplies like pencils, paper, sheet music, copies, and reeds (for band). I cant spend any more.
Im thinking about trying to get donations of the AoS "start collecting" packs to make it somewhat balanced and a variety of models.

2. I need some resources like scenarios, and league running advice.

3. Any extra tips to make this program successful.

Thanks! Please share this to everyone you can so that i get the most advice as possible.

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Re: Help with school league

Post by Taweesakjo » Wed Aug 03, 2016 4:33 am

I have read this information, people. Felt it was a good story were useful to me, so I'm allowed to share.

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Re: Help with school league

Post by genso6 » Fri Sep 09, 2016 4:55 pm

First of all, kudos to you for helping out a less-privileged group of kids in what sounds to be a very beneficial way! I'm friends with a lot of teachers who wanted to continue working in Title 1 schools but simply couldn't afford to do that and pay their own bills. It sounds like you've already given a lot of your own time and resources to making this program successful, and for that you deserve a major pat on the back (and a raise!)

As far as getting materials for gaming, it might not be practical to go for the Start Collecting! boxes, as good a value as they may be...since they would be public use models, or something along those lines, and you might not be taking them into your GW any time soon, perhaps getting cheaper 3rd party models from companies like Kings of War would be better, where you can get cheaper but still high-quality proxy models.

On the other hand if that's still too much financial strain for you to invest (and it certainly could be, this hobby is $$$), there are a plethora of papercrafting sites where you can get cheap or FREE! 2-D paper-printed models that you can make for the cost of a piece of paper. Here is one of my favorite sites: You can use these original heroes, stood up on a paper base, to make a cheap 2D alternative to the expensive models. While I don't know how easy some of the bigger AoS monsters, cavalry, or warmachines would work out translated into these models, you could always have your students draw their own inspirations on paper and turn them into the centerpieces of their armies!

Hope this helped
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Re: Help with school league

Post by CrimsonLion » Sun Sep 11, 2016 5:07 pm

I reiterate what genso6 said, kudos for creating this for those kids. I myself helped a friend out when he was running more of an after school miniature club rather than a class, but it was a great success and I wish the same for you and your class.

As far as finding models for free/ really cheap a great place to start is perhaps Craigslist, believe it or not, and possibly Bartertown ( Bartertown is more of a trading site, but there are always folks looking to get rid/ purge themselves of old bits and old pewter models. I agree also that going with a inexpensive proxy such as Kings of war or another manufacturer would help keep the cost down, that's what I did for my Lord of the Rings Angmar Army.

As far as scenarios go, coming from a educator's perspective myself, I think if you created the beginning backstory to a simple campaign, let's say 6 games, you could have your kids create their own backstories based on the fluff they have already created, that brings them to the world/ situation in which all the scenarios will take place. You could even have the some of the students create the future scenarios after the first one. I recently just completed an AoS campaign that did just that, where our facilitator created the first scenario, and then after we all did our battle reports with the backstories that brought the armies together, he created the next scenario based on the best BatRap and fluff story.

The nice thing, and sometimes tough thing with AoS scenarios is that there is so much room for creativity its hard for one to know where to begin. Maybe see what armies all the students want to use and create a portion of the post-end-times world that fits most of the armies for the basis of the scenarios.

Sorry that's a lot of info, but feel free to PM me if you have any further questions, I love setting stuff up like this.

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Re: Help with school league

Post by Pellynor » Fri Nov 25, 2016 3:29 pm

Hi there! Thought'd jump in with a little experience I had doing the same thing. A friend of mine and I worked at the same school for a couple of years. To get kids into it we just used a lot of our old models so they could get used to painting and playing. Aside from the options above, check e-bay or your local game store to see if anyone has spare old models they would be willing to part with for a small fee. You'd be surprised with the community response.

My biggest advice with getting the league going is to let them be creative in a controlled environment. We ran the Crusade of Fire 40k campaign a while back with some home rules to make characters more personalized. Injury rolls, treasure to plunder, those kind of small tidbits that really bring a character to life. It made some players have their armies attack more personal targets for their character than strategic and always was a load of laughs. By allowing their characters or units to build an in-game history with/against each other, it really brought their imaginations to life.

Aside from that you sound like you've got the passion and drive to make this super fun for your kids. As long as you're excited and encouraging them, they'll have a blast.
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