Looking to start dwarves but need tips on where to start

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Looking to start dwarves but need tips on where to start

Post by Thebeardoflegend » Tue Jan 19, 2016 12:53 pm

I want to make a dwarf army, but do not know where to start. I'd like them to be playable quickly as possible. Any tips are more than welcome. 100 to 200 point lists are what I am going for.

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Re: Looking to start dwarves but need tips on where to start

Post by Kovlovsky » Tue Jan 19, 2016 1:12 pm

It's for 8th edition? I suggest you to start bigger than that because Fantasy is generally played at bigger points level to 40k. Anyway, even if you build a 1000 pts list, you can build it up slowly. I don't know the dwarves very well, but Dwarf Warriors are a rather good, but still cheap anvil to absorb the enemy attacks. Give them shields and full command and they will give a good account of themselves. Then find a general which will probably be a Thane at this point level. Great weapons are pretty good on Dwarves because their initiative is pretty bad and will end strike last anyway. Also take a Thane BSB. Next you should probably have some Thunderers because Dwarves need some shooting and if you give them shields, they are as good as the warriors in close combat. If you have points left, an Organ gun is a very good choice, but don't spam them too much if you want to keep your friends. The cannon is good to kill big models or assassinate characters.

After that, you can expand your army further by taking a block of elite infantry like Hammerers if you want to strike hard or Ironbreakers if you want an unkillable unit. A Dwarven Lord with Shield Bearers is a very hard to kill Lord if well equiped. The gyrocopters are pretty great too.

Take my advices with a grain of salt though. I've never played them and I'm just telling you what I've seen working when Ash played or when other Dwarven players came playing at MWG. I play the Orcs and Goblins myself. For AoS, I've no clue.
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Re: Looking to start dwarves but need tips on where to start

Post by baronrodney » Mon Feb 15, 2016 5:06 am

Solid advice, Kovlovksy. You generally want to look at dwarfs in 8th edition as a half-way elite army. Their rank and file are tough as old boots, T4 and heavy armour all around, and with +1S on the charge and +1Parry when being charged they become quite versatile. A block of thunderers with shields are exactly the same as Dwarf Warriors with handguns, and Quarrellers are exactly the same as Dwarf Warriors with Great Weapons only with Crossbows. Bear this in mind. Having a block of warriors in a small points game is a little redundant if you also intend, and you should, to have a block of shooters as they now fill the same roles.

I would suggest a Runesmith as your general at low points games, he's the fightiest support character you could want. He gives you access to dispels (RoSpellbreaking) and gives you a channel to dispel with. Equip him with a shield and RoStone and for 10 points (off the top of my head) he has a 2+ AS and 5++ Parry (when charged). Not to mention he gives your unit Armour Piercing for free. He wont do much in the way of damage but you'd be surprised how long it would take to kill him if your enemy focuses on him in melee.

You will definitely be needing a warmachine or two. A cannon and organ gun are solid choices, just remember to rune them up with your spare points.

As said gyrocopters are never a poor choice as they fill two roles that are otherwise sorely lacking from the Dwarfs arsenal, mobility and harrassment.

At bigger (2,000+ points) games you will definately want to be investing in some elite infantry. If you go Hammerers then give your core shields, if you go Ironbreakers then give them Great Weapons. As long as you balance the hammer and anvil options between your troops you can't go far wrong.

A few boxes of warriors/thunderers and two cannon/organ gun boxes and you shouldnt be far wrong as far as army building. You can easily model a Runesmith out of the warrior/thunderer sprues (the book on the thunderer standard bearer is a good start!) and as all these kits are made of interchangeable parts you can go a long way with just these kits. I wouldn't worry about elite infantry until you've got a few units of core and some war machines sorted out.

I know this post is a bit late in the day, but hopefully it's still some use to you, Beardof Legend. Oh and cracking name you've got.

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Re: Looking to start dwarves but need tips on where to start

Post by Knoffles » Thu Jul 21, 2016 3:07 am

Hey beard, this is a really late response but if you are still interested in all things dwarfs head over to the dedicated dwarf website: bugmansbrewery where you will find tactics guides, army ideas etc. Link below will take you to a decent guide to the army book review

http://www.bugmansbrewery.com/topic/436 ... ook/page-1


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