New to dwarves 8th edition

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New to dwarves 8th edition

Post by Rabbit2262 » Sat Jan 16, 2016 9:30 am

I'm looking to start a dwarf army for a local fantasy league that's being run but I have never played fantasy just looking for a good starter list ideas for their army I already have ...
X1 thane
X1 runelord
X16 warriors
X16 thunderers
X10 ironbreakers
X1 organ gun
Any ideas here guys I'm looking to center around artillery but don't want to be overly cheese I'm thinking gyrocopter is next ?

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Re: New to dwarves 8th edition

Post by coldsteel » Sat Jan 16, 2016 3:20 pm

More Warriors and Ironbreakers to start.
Crucifiers (SM codex) (11881/703 PL)
Orks (3745/255 PL)
Astra Militarum (####/378 PL)
Fallen Crucifiers (CSM codex) (####/351 PL)
Khornate Daemons (####/65 PL)
Death Guard (2387/128 PL)
Primaris Marines (1099/60 PL)

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Re: New to dwarves 8th edition

Post by baronrodney » Mon Feb 15, 2016 10:46 am

I might be a tad late in the day here so let me know if the league has already been played and if you took part!

Assuming it hasn't yet, what points limit are you looking for?

Assuming 1,000 points and building upon what you already have, I suggest something like:


Runesmith, Shield RoStone, RoSpellbreaking 93pts


15 Thunderers, Shields 195pts
23 Longbeards, Full Command, Shields, RoStoicism 364pts


Gyrocopter 80pts
Cannon, RoForging, 145pts


Organ Gun, 120pts

Total: 997pts

For this you will need a cannon and a gyrocopter. I recommend proxying the ironbreakers mixed with the warriors to make the longbeard unit, otherwise you'll be short seven warriors.

Although the Longbeards vary the list from a standard gun-line, they add a bit of variation and a decent sized combat unit for this points level. Not to mention the enemy will probably have to kill them to a man to shift them.

Together with the gyrocopter I would consider this a relatively balanced army list (for dwarfs anyway!). It isn't a nasty list by any means but equally it has some teeth and will give you some experience with a broad spectrum of dwarf units.

As for deployment, castle up! Your thunderers should take a flank and the table edge should deny the other to your opponent. Although relatively few in number your thunderers should hold out for a few turns if charged and easily take care of whatever chaff is coming for you.

If you haven't played the league yet, good luck! If you have, let me know what list you took =)


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