Skaven Vs. VC - 750 point list

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Skaven Vs. VC - 750 point list

Post by Guildenstern » Fri Jan 15, 2016 7:57 pm

this is what my son and I are thinking about for our next game. We pared it down a bit, so maybe we'd have a quicker game.

Skaven Side:
Warlord (General, Weeping blade, enchanted shield)
Plague Priest (dispell scroll, plague spells)
Chieftain (BSB, Opal amulet)
Gutter Runners 5
Clanrats (20)
Skavenslaves (50)
Skavenslaves (50)

Vampire Counts side:

Master Necromancer (black periapet, hellsteed)
Necromancer (Cursed Book, Nightmare)
Hexwraiths 5 (skeletal steed)
Crypt Ghouls (20) - in two units of ten

His thought is to summon zombies/skeletons iirc

My general strategy for this is to use the gutter runners for the damage mostly, plague priest for magic damage & dispelling, and probably tie up his units with the slaves and clanrats. I figure to put the BSB on his own, behind everything but near enough to help, the general/priest I'm not sure, I don't really have enough points for an effective bunker I think. Unless I take fewer slaves? I dunno.

Anyway, any thoughts are helpful :) thanks!
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