Easy Skaven Conversion

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Easy Skaven Conversion

Post by Drakyn » Thu Nov 26, 2015 2:56 am

So, recently I've picked up fantasy and started up a Skaven Army. I had bought an absurd amount of models, including rat ogres, storm vermin, and weapon teams. They came with about 20 plague monks also. However, I didn't want to play Pestilens, I wanted to play a mixture of Eshin and Moulder. So, I came up with a way to convert plague monks into Eshin/Moulder.

I was able to make packmasters, Throt, and Skweel. All you need is a box of monks, a hobby knife, wirecutters, glue, and metal wire.

The packmasters are armed with daggers and whips. Build the monk normally with 2 blades. Cut the blade off of one hand, cut about an inch and a half off your wire, bend it to whatever motion you want, and glue it in as a replacement.

For Throt, put on whatever head you want for him, then, put a normal staff on his left hand. I put the dagger and whip on the other, with the dagger on the bottom, and whip on top. On the staff, put the Horned Rat symbol. It's like how creature-killer looks, with the prongs/grippers. And, just to add the "unclean" part, you can put some rats on him.

When I build Skweel, I built him normally like a plague-monk, but instead of a dagger, I made a "miniature Hellpit Abomination" to replace Gutsnagger, by gluing some claws and heads from the spare rats, and attached it to Skweel's hand.

Of course, these don't really look as nice as the citadel models, but they work.

These are a lot more simple than the Moulder. I was able to make Snikch and Assassins. You need the Plague Monks, a Hobby Knife, and Glue.

Assassins were very easy. I just made the heads for monks hooded, and gave them dual blades. You could make Blade Claws by taking the blades off your knifes, and put those on your now empty hands.

Snikch was very easy. I built him like a normal monk with a hood, extended his tail a bit by gluing another onto it, took the blade off one of the other arms in the kit, and glued it on the end of the now elongated tail.

So, those are my Skaven Tips. Hope they helped :D


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