Chaos Eternal - an Upcoming Narrative Campaign

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Chaos Eternal - an Upcoming Narrative Campaign

Post by supasnake » Sat Sep 19, 2015 4:03 pm

I've been working on assembling some forces to build a narrative campaign around. Still about another month or two away but I wanted to give a little taste and get some feedback.

Story Backdrop

Ghal Maraz, the mighty hammer of Sigmar, has returned home. The people of Azyrheim rejoice, but a sinister force lurks in the shadows. They are a group that has waited patiently, eager to serve their master. For it's by their master's divine will that they exist. As the forces of Khorne brutally cannibalized their world, it was their master that saw their potential and intervened on their behalf. It was their knowledge of the winds of magic that saved them then. Now it will be their knowledge of the Sigmarabulum that will save all the realms from this Age of Sigmar.

In the land of Aqshy, war rages between Stormhosts and Bloodbound. Underneath the volatile surface a machine is being constructed. Slaves to darkness toil in their work, as a large figure looms over them. He is pleased by what he sees, an engine capable of bringing down his greatest foe. The Chaos god's armies are built through devotion, but this machine will require no devotion. All that is needed are the souls of the Stormcast Eternals.

Campaign Synopsis

Sigmar sent a warrior chamber from the Lions of Sigmar to Aqshy to overthrow a Chaos bastion. The Lions were defeated yet they never returned to the forge to be made anew. Disturbed by this, Sigmar has called upon his most devoted warriors, the Hallowed Knights. Their mission is simple, find the Lions and bring their enemies to justice.

The campaign will begin with this group of Stormcast striking deep into Chaos controlled territory, close to where Sigmar last saw his Lions fighting. We will follow them as they push into the darkness in search for answers.

Campaign Structure

The campaign will be a total of five battle reports (as of now). I've mapped it out and I feel that this gives the best ability to tell the story to it's conclusion while also allowing for interesting mechanics. Here are a few things each battlerep will have:
  • Unique narratives within the batrep.
    Meaningful characters and permanent death.
    Special tactical objectives.
    Stories written and released to add to the fluff of the campaign.
Hopefully you guys will enjoy this, because I am having a blast putting it together. Once again, if you have any thoughts or ideas please feel free to shoot them my way.

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Re: Chaos Eternal - an Upcoming Narrative Campaign

Post by Stanfar » Sun Oct 25, 2015 9:41 pm

Sounds good, maybe have to take a look later.
These games are played by age of sigmar rules?
Even so looking forward for the fluff at least. :D
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Re: Chaos Eternal - an Upcoming Narrative Campaign

Post by Xaric » Mon Nov 02, 2015 2:49 am

To be honest I believe age of sigmar is meant to be played this way hence why its faster then the old world Warhammer fantasy 1 battle from old world can be equal to 3 in AOS.


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