AoS Fun combo tzeentch

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AoS Fun combo tzeentch

Post by Mjollnir445 » Sun Aug 16, 2015 3:18 pm

1- Great Bray-Shaman
1- Kairos Fateweaver
1- Lord of Change
1- The Changeling
1- The Blue Scribes
2- Units of Gors
1- Numinous Occulum

Basically you use the Tzeentch wizards to cast the Bray-Shamans spell Savage Dominion at a better cast number (from 9 to 7 with the Occulum and the LoC aura for Tzeentch Daemon Wizards plus a few re-rerolls). You can summon up to 4 Monsters (Kairos and The Changeling know it if they are near the Shaman, The Blue Scribes have a 50% chance to learn it each time it is cast) of any kind per hero phase! (3 in the first turn, as the Blue Scribes need a turn to write the spell down.)

The Gors can be anything really and are just there to screen your casters.

Considering there are no restrictions in the spells wording, you could bring anything on that has the MONSTER keyword...Kroq-Gar on Carnosaur, Malekith on a Dragon, so on so forth. There are around 60 models with the MONSTER keyword and any are game, rub your hands together and let out a "Just as Planned"!

Further more, if you find any spell you like you can use this combo and spam that spell to your hearts content.

What monsters would you bring in?


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