Help building a 1k point Warriors of Chaos army

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Re: Help building a 1k point Warriors of Chaos army

Post by Kovlovsky » Tue Jul 14, 2015 5:05 pm

Azotherian wrote:
Hedonismbot wrote:Doesn't matter a whole lot now. New version of fantasy just came out.
I have seen what AoS does from other topics and such, and I'd rather stick with 8th edition
You aren't alone at doing that as I will do it myself. AoS is really not the kind of game I'm seeking. I'm even to the point of hoping it bombs so that WH40k is shielded from suffering the same destructive process.

From what I heard, the chariots are pretty good. There were even lists with them entirely filling the cores (Nascar lists). But a Warrior of Chaos specialist would be better than me to answer.
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