Getting Started with Daemons of Chaos

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Getting Started with Daemons of Chaos

Post by LegionODD » Thu Jan 08, 2015 8:14 pm

I'm a 40K player and it was suggested to me to join a warhammer fantasy league using my Chaos Daemons.

I'll be getting the rule book and codex in the near future, what other things will I need to get started?

I do know I need movement trays, how would I make them?

Thank you for the help.

(Is it just me or is it hard to find daemons of chaos batreps?)

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Re: Getting Started with Daemons of Chaos

Post by TigerDave » Fri Jan 09, 2015 1:53 am

Hey there LODD -

I use the modular movement trays for ranking up daemons. You may find they're a little awkward to move ranked up. I glued washers into the bottoms of all my rounds and then drilled rare earth magnets into the trays to keep them tight. Expensive? A bit, but they sit nice and solid that way. Slaneesh mounts I run as is - the oval cav bases are almost identical to the rectangulars. You will find your Skullcrushers however are much larger and don't fit well at all. I end up running them two wide with the middle one sort of offset to the rear. I include an overall tray but you won't get a perfect alignment that way. Most everything else is a non-issue. The only problems I have ever had running mine were with an opponent who's "inner Monk" couldn't allow him to grasp that 25mm rounds were the exact same width as 25mm squares. I just don't play daemons with him any more.

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Re: Getting Started with Daemons of Chaos

Post by Arnathos » Fri Jan 09, 2015 2:12 am

There was a quite active community for daemons of chaos during the start of 8th edition when they still had their 7th edition armybook, when their 8th edition armybook hit many daemon players sold off their armies because they were almost universally completely invalidated.

The 8th edition army book tends to favor mono-god armies, where the 7th edition one relied on mixed god armies. From all the many builds Daemons had during 7th edition they now have 2 builds which are semi-competitive. The first being mono nurgle with 2 skull cannons and the second being a cacophonic choir based Slaanesh army.

The final nail to the coffin came when the high elves got their new book, which gave them the Dragonhide banner, with the new death stars about they can make a unit which is completely immune to your entire army, with literally nothing you can do about it. Subsequent elf releases just made things worse as any of the elf books does everything that daemons can, but better in every way(except nurgle maybe).

This and other reasons is why there are so few daemons of chaos batreps.
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