New skaven player! need help with island of blood

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New skaven player! need help with island of blood

Post by rollplayinggamer » Wed Dec 24, 2014 7:06 pm

Tomorrow is the day i open up my island of blood set for christmas and build my first skaven units. Along with lord skrolk and some other verminous stuff coming in the mail!
(lord skrolk, plague censer bearers, grey seer, poison wind globadeir)

I'll get the skaven book soon. But for now i really need 1 lord/hero and 3 units. As i really want to go to my local GW on sunday for some fantasy combat training. What do you guys recommend i take out of the island of blood set? (because the stuff from the mail won't get here until 2015 most likely)

(points are irrelevant in combat training games by the way.)

I don't need help with the high elves because you get 2 lords/heros and only 3 units anyways so i'll just make the prince on griffon and then make the rest of the units.

Thanks in advance guys! and have a happy holiday! :)
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Re: New skaven player! need help with island of blood

Post by coldsteel » Wed Dec 24, 2014 11:01 pm

You have that in the box. Warlord and/or Warlock Engineer, 20 Clanrats with spear/shield, 20 Clanrats with hand weapon/shield and 3 Rat Ogres.
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