lizardmen help

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lizardmen help

Post by chaosandy » Wed Nov 26, 2014 12:25 pm

Need some help as I'm considering to do fantasy and lizardmen is the army I want to do. So I need some good ideas for a list around 1000-1500 points. One thing though I want the carnosaur in there and to be decent. The army list should be fun-actual win so thanks to anyone who helps

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Re: lizardmen help

Post by Honourblade » Wed Nov 26, 2014 6:29 pm

Okay.. Lets start at the top..

Welcome to Fantasy! It is such a great game (I actually dropped 40k and now only play Fantasy!)

1000-1500 is a good starting point, however.. Wanting a Carnosaur at less then 3000 is not only handicapping you.. But also not that great of a choice until you get to the high point levels, having multiple scary monsters stops you being 1 shotted with a cannon.. For 2000 and under I recomment taking just a Slann as you expensive guy, as he can make his points back easier then a Carno.. However, since I love my Dragons (I run 3) and I love my Fluff, and I see Carno's as a very fluffy Lizardmen add-on, i will give this a try, and here is what I turned out on my way to work this morning for you

1500 Point list for ChaosSandy - Lizardmen - Fluffasaur


Saurus Oldblood - Light Armour, Shield, Dawnstone, Sword of Bloodshed, The Other Tricksters Shard, Carnosaur, Bloodroar

This guy is built to hit a units flank, or a small unit, and either challenge the enemy Hero/Lord out, at which time he will violate his face multiple times, or get the Hero/Lord out of the way and win combat though Res alone, you have 8 Attacks on the Oldblood alone, so yeah.. They will hurt something a lot, dont be stupid and move him into a big unit, even my Spearmen in High Elves will kill this guy in 2-3 turns.



Cause you want a Carnasaur and it is better to have and Oldblood then a Vet that means you loose a Slann, this guy is a good second choice as Heavens is a great Lore for you, and it gives you all the spells, also he has the D3 units get to Vanguard, you have 4 Units in this army, this means, if your feeling like a douche, you can (if you roll a 5-6) vanguard you carno up, your Saurus block, and your anctient Stegosaurus, and with the Steg you can technically get behind your opponents lines which means he has to waste 2 turns with a unit just to charge it, Comet will be your gravy train, use it to make you opponet go where you want him too, it takes a lot to get use to but it is fun and it works also with the re-roll use it the way my mate does and just constantly smash the commanders unit, or small units to make other Panic!


35x Saurus Warriors (7Wx5D) - Full Command

Use this as your Anvil, should be the main target for your buffs.

20x Stinks with Blowpipes

Literally only use to give extra wounds to your mage, and protect him a big from small chaff units trying to charge him.


Ancient Stegosaurus - Sharpened Horns, Unstoppable Stampede

Use this to maximum effect, move towards the enemy (should always Vanguard closer) and soon as you are in charge range, you need to charge, this thing should win a combat against a normal unit, or a unit of 10 Heavy Cav quite easily (I have watched in horror as one hit my Silver Helms and took out most of them).

That is all I have for you man, good luck, it is hard in Fantasy to have units you want, that are fun adn still have a chance of winning, try this out with some store models if you can, Lizardmen are an awesome army! And good luck! Stay fluffy!
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Re: lizardmen help

Post by Zipding » Wed Nov 26, 2014 8:39 pm

I play Lizardmen, and I'm glad you made this choice too.

For 1000-1500, having a level 2 skink priest in Lore of Beasts with a dispel scroll is also a good option for little over 100 points.

I don't have a carnasaur, so I can't really offer any suggestions for builds.

Saurus warriors are your best friend. They can take a beating and they deal a lot of damage back, just be aware of Purple Sun and anything else that targets initiative instead of toughness. If you have points and space, temple guard are also a very good choice.

I also like small units of skink skirmishers to act as chaff and redirecting, they can deal quite a bit of damage thanks to their poisoned weapons rule from shooting.
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