3000 Point High Elves List - End Times

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3000 Point High Elves List - End Times

Post by Honourblade » Tue Nov 04, 2014 12:03 am

Hey everyone!

I have been playing Fantasy for the better part of a year now, and since the beginning I have had my heart set on the people of Ulthuan, my main list so far is undefeated at my store, so I just wanted to see what you guys think about a few things;

1, What do you guys think about the feel of the list? Would you enjoy playing it, would it seem Elvish to you?

2, How would you take this list on if you could optimize it for me?

3, Would you like to play against this list?

4, What is your opinion on Dragons, and on that, what about multiples of them?

Anyways, I will put my list under this, I will also give a brief explanation for most things if I can, so yeah, the lists main reason for existence is to beat my local stores hard-on for Nagash *rolls eyes* so yeah, here is the list!

Lords - 1250 Points

Archmage - Level 4, Lore of High Magic, Book of Hoeth, Talisman of Endurance

Okay, this guy is my synergy platform, but i do rely on rolling the right Spells to make this guy work, I try to get Apotheosis, Fiery Inconvation (Or Soul Quench), Hand of Glory, and Walk Between Worlds, reasons for these should be obvious, Hand of Glory makes my Star Dragon Better and almost as fast as my Prince in combat, Walk Between Worlds helps my Cavalry get in position (48" Worth of movement in one turn can be amazing, Apotheosis is great for Healing my Monsters (Dragons and Phoenix's), I want these Augment Spells because I can still use them in combat, thus getting my Ward Save up, and giving one to the Dragon as well, Moon Dragon lets him hold his own in combat, his job is to go straight at a flank exposed by the Silver Helms and smash into it, letting his Breath Weapon go at the same time, so on the Charge I have a Maximum of 5 S6 Attacks, 2D6 S4 Attacks, 1 D6 S5 Attacks, and the Archmages 1 S3 Attack, that should be enoguh to force a check, or at the least break and existing combat.

Prince - Great Weapon, Heavy Armour, Shield, Star Lance, Dragonhelm, Talisman of Protection, The Other Tricksters Shard

This is my one man Deathstar, this guys job is to hit the enemy Deathstar and Challenge his General out, and I will kill the General will all my Attacks, Most will be hitting on 3's, if the General denies the challenge I eat the unit instead, same rules apply to him as to the Archmage, if it's a full unit I hit I use the Breath Weapon to force checks, at most I am going to be getting Attack with 4 Ranks across, maybe 2-4 Ranks deep, if that, less then 15-20 Attacks incoming, maybe 3 will Wound, Cannons arn't an issue, with cleaver movement I land just out of a units arc and within 2" so his Cannon's can't target me, even if I am hit, it takes on average 3 Cannonballs to down the Star Dragon alone, so yeah, always had fun with this guy, Took the head of Nagash on the Charge, that was awesome..

Heroes - 400 Points

Dragon Mage of Caledor - Dragon Armour, Lore of Fire, Level 2, Sun Dragon, Enchanted Shield

This guy is mainly there to support the Archmage in combat, along with one of the Silver Helm cadres, his Job is to Flaming Sword the Silver Helms and bash through units, using his Flame on the first big unit to clear them, and Fire Ball for taking out units in buildings and the like, has a 2+ Armour Save on the Mage, Should be able to assist most combats, I have a trouble expecting him to help much against high Armour Save units though, but that is expected, normally I keep in near my Silvers to offer Fire support (See the pun? Haha!)

Core - 750 Points

15 Silver Helms - Shields, Full Command

15 Silver Helms - Shields, Full Command

These guys.. Well they fill my core, haha! But seriously, they fit the theme, they hit hard, and they have staying power that my army needs, with 16 Attacks on the Charge and I should be hitting with 14-13 of them, should equal out to be 12-10 Wounds on anything that is Infantry, they have done well in the past, and they are scare for an opponent to face 2 bricks of them, they essitially hold what ever they Charged till my Dragons Flank them, so normally they take a few Casualties but they always hold (keep my General closer to the group that needs his Ld, with 18" that is never too hard).

Special - 360 Point

10 Dragon Princes - Full Command, Banner of the World Dragon

Now, I get a lot of hate for this, but there guys move straight up the center, and hit something with Magical Attacks, staying dead center also gives all 3 Dragons Stubborn if they are 12" away, helps me a lot, and they are very well protected, they can hold there own without support, and they have the same amount of Attacks as 15 Silver Helms at better I and WS, Stubborn Dragons is fun becasue when you take you are sitting there and you lost combat cause the unit has Ranks out of the wazoo, Banners and BSB, and Wounds and stuff, and you still Rolling on Ld 10, is just to good to be true, haha! :P

Rare - 240 Points

Frostheart Phoenix

This is my Silver Helms escort, hits the Flanks when possible, but just stays with a Silver bus, making them tougher against enemies
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Re: 3000 Point High Elves List - End Times

Post by ParanoidEngineer » Tue Nov 04, 2014 10:50 am

Woo dragons! More power to you for maxing out on the scaly guys. You did forget to note down the Star Dragons for your Lords incidentally, but your detailed analysis of your units made it clear so it all worked out.

In response to your questions:

1) This list sounds absolutely fantastic fun to play as, it's got a very High Elven theme, especially since you've taken Dragon Princes to complement your Dragon theme (it's a strong Caledor vibe), and although it has no ranged abilities it still seems like a blast to use.

2) A few minor points, for example I'm not sure if taking a Great Weapon over a Lance is a good idea for your Prince's purpose: you'll get +2S on the charge anyway, you'll probably win the combat in a turn and it'll let you strike with re-rolls, but I'm sure it works out in practice. High Magic is a good choice but you could always consider Life or Metal to add some extra survivability and punch to your Silver Helms and Dragon Princes with Flesh to Stone/Regen. and Glittering Scales/Enchanted Blades. The lack of range isn't a huge issue but sneaking a couple of Bolt Throwers in somewhere is always nice. Your army will be very weak to monstrous cav. or other strong cavalry killers, but if you can intercept with the Dragons you should be fine. The Frostheart is a good windup for the army, but maybe consider a Skycutter, some Bolt Throwers or a barebones BSB on mount for the unlikely but devastating event of a failed leadership check.

3) I have a feeling this list would be fun to play against to begin with, but after a few turns it may get frustrating. Don't let that dissuade you from using it, but newer players or players not used to seeing Dragons might lose heart when you munch their General in a turn then snack on his prized unit then next!

4) I love Dragons of all sorts, although I think the High Elf ones are awfully-named (Star Dragon? Really?), they aren't always worth the points but you gotta love 'em. Never actually seen more than one at a time, but I imagine they only get better in packs!

Anyway, just my $0.02, hope you continue to crush your enemies 'neath your scaly claws in the future!
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Re: 3000 Point High Elves List - End Times

Post by Honourblade » Tue Nov 04, 2014 5:51 pm

Thanks for the reply @ParanoidEngineer!

Oh.. Did miss that, now I feel like I don't know my English well enough :(

1, Yeah, that was the general direction I wanted to go, I actually think my mate has already been on here and comment about his army.. Bastard (RapierSix2587) took my name for my army.. (He plays as my Ally in bigger games) I shall have to talk to him about this.. Hmm.. But no.. My army are Naggarathy Highborn, from before the Dark Elves rise to power, they are still High Elves, and stayed loyal (Swear to god this bastard took my book and wrote everything down I wrote!) but they have Caledorian blood, so yeah, hence the small number of troops as well, as I thought a surviving group of High Elves in Naggorath would be small in number to avoid detection and being bogged down by troops, they do have Infantry though (when I play on the Defensive, I have a Navy list and a Highborn Keep defenders list, so yeah)

2a, I am not taking a Great Weapon over a Lance..? I took a Star Lance (+3S, Ignores Armour Saves, Lance) as it can only be used the turn it which I charge (Mix this with the Re-roll successful Ward Saves makes him such a good challenger on the charge) and the Great Weapon is there for following rounds of combat as it states in the Army Book that the model cannot use the Star Lance unless Charging and Mounted, I would need the staying power as more then once I have been stuck in combat with that 2+ Armour Save, 3+ Ward Save Dwarf guy more then once, that, and it is only 6 Points for a Great Weapon, makes my Prince have rounded points cost.

2b, I was thinking Life, but as Regrowth doesn't work on Dragons and Mounts I am less inclined, on top of that Fiery Inconvation is a * to Dispel once cast (19+) to Dispel, the boost to Ward Save will also help keep the Arch and Moon Dragon alive in later turns (Cannons, Heroic Killing Blow) And Lore of Metal is too focused on versing Heavy Armour, my only Heavy Armour opponents (That I play regularly) are WoC and Empire, both of which I already smash, haha! :D

2c, That is a weakness my army has, but considering everything worth shooting is normally locked in combat by turn 2, the Bolt Throwers never see much use, that, and they are painted to my Navy's scheme, and I try not to mix the themes too much, these guys are meant to be on a raid/attacking something (Think Shadow Warrior tactics but with Heavy Cav and Dragons :P haha!).

2d, Monstrous Cav are normally something I focus Spells on, if I have to engage I normally just hit them with a Silver Detachment boosted with Flaming Sword, works wonders.

2e, I was thinking a BSB but my armies has never really had use for one, normally when I lose combat it's by a lot or not at all, so I was considering that, that and a lot of people I play with always focus fire on a BSB unit, and considering how small my units are, that doesn't seem smart.

3, I will admit when the vet player at the store was going on about how much Dragons sucked and how easy his Nagash army could beat it (Boosting the whole time to all the newbie players, we recently got an influx of recent players, about 13 in total) and he was giving them tips of what they should and shouldn't do in armies (Pointing me out as the "not" player) was a halarious moment when his face changed after I killed Nagash turn 2, in combat with my Prince, has happened multiple times, especially against the Empire player (Karl is my *) but most people at the store like it cause it is fluffy, and once I loose a Dragon all my synergy goes out the window, so most players try and use that to there advantage, and focus on one Dragon at a time (Normally my Archmage because he causes the most destruction amongst the Ranks (Before you doubt that just image what Fiery Inconvation does to a 50 man Brick of Halberds or Stormvermine, haha!)

4, That's why I like it so much, cause I think I am one of the only players that uses this many.. Haha! So most players (Bar my regulars) are equip to fight my list, as it is not the normal, plus peoples faces are priceless at tournaments when I pull 3 Dragons out, and then a Phoenix, and that is after there face when they see 2 bricks of Heavy Cav and 1 of Ultra Heavy, haha!

So yeah, thanks for the feedback, it is by far my funniest list and brings me the most joy! Also the modeling was awesome (still working on my actual High Dragon and Star Dragons, lots of gold plates and stuff, that and im using a Carmine for my Princes Dragon).
"Give no thought to failure, nor defeat - We are the children of Ulthuan and we shall prevail."

Current and only army: High Elves
- 6000 Points worth of models
- 2000 of 6000 Points painted
- 1850 of 4000 Points in progress

First post! Good job, now post more...
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Re: 3000 Point High Elves List - End Times

Post by sajjad » Wed Dec 17, 2014 8:00 am

Dude.. I am gonna have a talk to you when I see you instore next..
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Re: 3000 Point High Elves List - End Times

Post by halt92 » Tue Dec 30, 2014 1:28 am

Total 681

Vampire Lord 236
-Heavy Armour
-Great Weapon

Vampiric Powers 95
Single model in BtB takes a leadership test on -3 or rerolls to hit for the phase
-Red Fury
Each unsaved wound I gain another attack against the target, these do not generate further attacks.

Magic Items 100
+1 to armor save, Models in BtB have ASL and no bonus Strength from weapons.
-Obsidian Lodestone
4+ ward
-Other Tricksters Shard
Models in BtB reroll successful ward saves.

-Zombie Dragon
Models in BtB -1 to hit and a S2 Breath weapon with -3 to armor save.

I wonder who would win between the Prince and the Vamp Lord Honour.
I could have given him Magic levels and Lore of Death/Shadow/Vampires but I figured a good old fashioned slug fest would be more fair.
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Re: 3000 Point High Elves List - End Times

Post by Arnathos » Tue Dec 30, 2014 4:51 am

At 3000 points someone can just take 6 cannon, and since it is end times there are a few things that could take on your list (KF, Tyrion avatar of Khaine, maleakith). But I see your point that your list breaks the meta, I've done something similar in 40k with an all Land Raider list that just beats the snot out of Tau.

If you like the list, keep playing and pray you never roll up watchtower.
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