Ultramarines Tactical Squad Marine

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kraizer (Over a year ago): - delete
Just as good as everything else of you I have rated 5 stars... You are great xD
BrotherPhil (Over a year ago): - delete
Lol, no please don't
jusfofun0114 (Over a year ago): - delete
wow im just gonna kill myself now lol
niner33 (Over a year ago): - delete
looks like gw model amazing
canonman64 (Over a year ago): - delete
just wow
BrotherPhil (Over a year ago): - delete
Actually I'm kind of cheting there..... i usually paint all parts seperately before glueing them together. Thanks for the sub btw, Blood-Trident!
EMG100 (Over a year ago): - delete
hey blood
EMG100 (Over a year ago): - delete
Blood-Trident (Over a year ago): - delete
dude, i love how you got the trigger finger blue yet still have the silver of the gun in between the two fingers thats mad hardcore! are you a pro? o:
Blood-Trident (Over a year ago): - delete
looks very good bro :3

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BrotherPhil's Avatar Author: BrotherPhil
Added: August 3, 2010
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Another member of the first tactical squad.

Found in:
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