Tyranids Vs Blood Angels Battle Report

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PowerRang3r (Over a year ago): - delete
@Jmaddux: Ya sorry this is the last 5th edition battle report I just forgot to upload my last tournament game sooner. The effects were to steady the shakiness so Ill try to be less shaky with the camera. Thanks for commenting!
Jmaddux (Over a year ago): - delete
Is this 5th ed rules? B.c you dont takes saves from fearless anymore, fearless does not work like that in 6th and outflanking cant assualt no more the turn they come out.

1more thing.. is somethig wrong with you camera? or is it special effects? B.c it gave me a headsche.
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Added: September 15, 2012
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This is a 40k batrep between Tyranids and Blood Angels. This battle was from the brawl in the hall tournament and is in 5th edition. Please remember to SUBSCRIBE because the NEXT BATREP is 6th EDITION YAY!!

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