return of the giant space marine

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most of you have read my giant space marine article, so i just have to say that i finally went to that games workshop, and saw the space marine inside. apparently the employees called him bob. yhea. next time i go ill take a pic. basically he was blue and had some markings that looked like paw prints from a wolf , and some yellow. when i was there i made a wish list, and they even let me paint a free mini, witch is what i attached. i was shown the proper drybrushing method, and also got to use the new washes grandma gave me some money to spend, witch i bought a small pack of eldar guardians ( the small box) , the small box of space marines , the small box of chaos sm, and blood red paint. while i was there i realized that my rhino was 2x the size of the real thing, but i dont care because i dont play. the guy laughed at me when i told him i used kitchen shears to cut my models off the sprue . i also got to see a poster of the new ork battlewagon that comes out soon. i had a pretty good time hanging out at games workshop, i hope you enjoy the pics of my space marine.

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warhammericecreamman (Over a year ago): - delete
you said they gave u a free mini and painting lesson. they do that at my local games workshop for beginners. was this ur first mini? also, they have a giant space marine at my local games workshop, but it's red
kraizer (Over a year ago): - delete
how tall is this thing?
Darkdragon (Over a year ago): - delete
Vaughn (Over a year ago): - delete
thats good

darkmessiah (Over a year ago): - delete
i really like this a lot good job
stellarocks (Over a year ago): - delete
i think it was gryphhon sephia.
barttie217 (Over a year ago): - delete
yay very nice painting!
do you used black wash?
mashpotato (Over a year ago): - delete
stellarocks (Over a year ago): - delete
there is a tuttorial on the forum , but what i do is get a well lit room ( i was in my kitchen with boxed lighting) . if i use flash the model will reflect the light , so i use no flash. i also select macro mode, then press the button to take the pic half way so macro mode can focus , then press down all the way and your pic is taken.
Tarrent (Over a year ago): - delete
nice painting i like the way u added a bit of black on his legs and shoulders.
LouieTheGreat (Over a year ago): - delete
Awesome Photos! They are clear and not blurry and perfectly focused. Teach everyone else on this site (including me) how to take good pictures.
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my newly painted sm

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