Sit and Talk - Motormouth - Part 1/2

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Sit and Talk - Motormouth - Part 2/2

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Untoldmyth (Over a year ago): - delete
Hey Matt do you eventually see yourself not making videos anymore? Seems like with each passing month you give out less and less context. I know you hired more people for more videos but with those new people we get less stuff from you
misomiso (Over a year ago): - delete
Im giving you lots of questions as you always ask for more! And you seemed very jaded in the last sit and talk. Maybe its better if Dan or Dave are sitting next to you!

Would you get some Necropolis Knights and a Warsphinx? Theyre awesome sauce constructs! Not like Ushabti who are rubbish! Does Ptras Incantation give an extra shot to the SCC as well? And can the second rank of Chariots shoot?

Hydras are consistently causing you problems. Why dont you try concentrating on flaming attacks against them such as SSCs, Warsphinx breath and the Banner of Eternal Flame? You do remember that if you wound the Hydra with flame it cannot regenerate for the rest of that phase? I think you forgot SSC were flaming in one of your last BRs.

For magic why not try the Lore of Light signature Spell followed by the Casket of Souls (which doesnt need LoS btw) or Spirit Leech cast by the Hierotitan?
wiseguy94 (Over a year ago): - delete
Hey Matt! I was thinking of making a Necron allied force for my main Ork army. I was wondering, in your opinion which Necron units would be best suited for this? Thank you in advance
misomiso (Over a year ago): - delete
I prefer a more leisurely pace for the sit and talks!

Mat. We need to talk about your Tomb Kings. I miss them! Dont you think you need to shake up your army selection against Dark Elves? If you like going magic heavy why not try taking a Hierotitan? Would you try him with the Casket and Khatep, then cast desiccation before you use Khateps scroll? You might need a herald with MR(3) to help protect him though!

Why not try some other Combos, like Ramohtep in a Horde of TG, or having more Tomb Princes with thy Will be Done? How about a Tomb King with the Golden Deathmask and upgraded SSCs and the Herald Nekaph, or using the Blade of Antarak or Destroyer of Eternities? Why not try some quite devious set ups with sworn bodyguard rule?!

Could you try more TK magic items as they are actually quite good (the Scroll and the Kanopi are underrated)?
oxyotl (Over a year ago): - delete
Hey Matt I love your Vids! I have a question though what is your impression on army painter because on their site it seems much easier and cheaper than how games workshop advertises. Thanks if you can help me!

Other Comments

ScottishTableTGaming (Over a year ago): - delete
Hello there Matt I have A question.

I am trying to make my own TableTop Game but I dont know where to start could you give me any help or advise.

And I wish you the best of luck with Dark Potential.
NecronKing (Over a year ago): - delete
hey matt I'd like to say that I've been watching MWG since you were doing your monthly random youtube subscriber give aways, sadly I've never been able to join the vault because, well im only 18 now and don't have that kind of disposable income. I have always enjoyed the batreps and tutorials, but lately I've been watching the vlogs while im at college and I cant play here. I go to a military college in South Carolina so I usually watch the videos while im shining shoes or brass and it helps me get through the boring days especially now that dave is doing CSM codex vlogs. Now for my question,I was wondering if there were an chance of doing some sort of one day pass deals for the vault type, or maybe allowing one loyal watcher a pass of some sort. Probably a no but it pains me to see all the content I'd like to see over on the left where I cant get to it.

By the way I'd bet Dan would get a kick out of this. At The Citadel(my college) a first year cadet, such as my self is called a KNOB.

-Sincerly Cadet Private Geiger a.k.a KNOB
linikratyo (Over a year ago): - delete
Hello Matthew, thank you for answering my question and I have another one:

How come you always commission from Worthy Painting and not from Blue Table Painting? Seeing how they are closer to you.
rookshunter (Over a year ago): - delete
Hey Matt, just a few things:
1. Vault Rocks.

2. Do you guys ever go to conventions? I saw a MWG logo on a booth at GenCon this last August, but didn't get a chance to actually visit.

3. Just out of curiosity, what is that box on the white shelf behind you, second shelf from the top on the right, in front of the can of air? It's been sitting there for weeks now. Do you plan on doing anything with it?

4. Have you ever thought of posting yourself doing the numa numa dance on camera?
LadySoria (Over a year ago): - delete
Hey Matthew. Love the videos,don't watch them as much as I should but you and the rest of MWG team do an excellent job!

Just a few questions for you:

Where did you get the idea for Dark Potential?

Have you any interest in the Iron Kingdoms table top RPG?

Harry Dresden or Gandalf the Grey?
yesac (Over a year ago): - delete
hey you guys should try and do some more circle of orboros tactica, battle reports, and painting! thanks! you guys are awesome!
misomiso (Over a year ago): - delete
Last questions then no more!

How do you find using a 7th edition army (lizardmen) compared to using an 8th? Do you find it easier to fight other 7th edition armies? Do you notice big changes in the way armies work and how they are balanced between editions, and do you think the 8th edition armies have better thought out books (eg less magic items but more distinctive)?

I think your meant to use Entombed Beneath the Sands to distract units so your chariots can charge them. Try it with a Tomb Scorpion? Come up behind a unit and tie it up in combat then get your chariots to come in with their impact hits.

What do you think of the ETC rules for Fantasy? Have you seen them? Would you ever try and join Team Canada for the world championships!

Dont you think the threat of the Casket of Souls is more effective than the spell itself? As you need only cast it with two power die (5/6 chance), if you save it till the end of your phase, and cast an expensive spell just before it, your opponent will only be able to dispel one of them. You might get more out of your magic phase if you try it that way rather than throwing 6 die to get it off.
Woodhaus (Over a year ago): - delete
hey matt,

first of all thank you and all of MWG for getting me motivated to come back into table top gaming. I have noticed that a few people in your videos (i see it in alot of banter batreps) but why do players tend not to glue or even place hatches into rhinos/Razorbacks?

ultracorndog (Over a year ago): - delete
and maybe dave =(

ultracorndog (Over a year ago): - delete
hey matt what would be a good ally army of necrons for blood angels or marines. THANKS and from AUSTRALIA WE LOVE U and maybe dan but dont tell him
Eldar-Lord (Over a year ago): - delete
You said you were LDS right? Did you or Dave ever go on a mission? If yes where did you go?
2) What the freak is an initiative test? I looked in the rulebook and couldnt find i anywhere. Says you need to take an initiative test for the Hit and Run special rule.
mapleleafs (Over a year ago): - delete
What is your favourite hokey team?
misomiso (Over a year ago): - delete
Running out of things to ask!
If you did a Dark potential RPG would you use the d20 system or design your own?

Have you picked up any of my book recommendations yet!? If not your homework is too read ONE before the next sit and talk. Here is the list for easy reference:-
The End of Eternity %u2013 Isaac Asimov
Gateway %u2013 Frederick Pohl
The Stars my Destination %u2013 Alfred Bester
The Forever War %u2013 Joe Haldeman
Stormbringer %u2013 Michael Moorcock
They are all good, quick reads, except perhaps Stormbringer, but I prefer Sci-fi to Fantasy.

Youre Awesome Mat!
P.S. would join the Vault as it looks great but quite short of money at the mo (recession and all, no need for details im sure) so cant really justify it. But really support you guys in what you do.
BattleCapIronblood (Over a year ago): - delete
Hey Matt, what do you think you would be doing if you were living in 40k universe? You look like a techpriest from Mars. If not, maybe you'll be doing what almost everyone of your age is doing: putting your life on the line in the Imperial Guard. What do you think?
NidPrime (Over a year ago): - delete
I guess my last line was a request not really a question.
NidPrime (Over a year ago): - delete
Hi Matt,I just became a vault member a few months ago after your huge DVD give away and it has yet to disapoint. I host a weekly game club at my house (as the nearest store is an hour away) we have about 15 people and I'm interested in starting to do video bat-reps with them. Do you use any special editing equipment for your bat-reps?

One more question, Now that Dan has more experience with his Cygnar (after your training battle), I would love to see a large point rematch between the two of you!!
metachris (Over a year ago): - delete
why does it take longer to load a web page from miniwargaming than from another site , it's a little annoying especially when my Internet isn't good.
misomiso (Over a year ago): - delete
The longer teaching BRs for fantasy are really good as we can spot if we%u2019ve been doing things wrong or if you make a mistake. Could you do some more? Easier to edit as well I would think.

Could you put up the army list for your BRs so we can all tear them to pieces and troll? If GW get uppity just don%u2019t put the points in.

Why no dispel scrolls in your BR%u2019s? Or power stones? Its nice not having them just wandering why?

You%u2019ve almost got a fully complete TK army. Do you think a Warsphinx, 3 Necropolos Knights, A Necrotect and more Tomb Guard and skeletons would complete your collection?
Drazzmar (Over a year ago): - delete
I just joined the Vault And It's pretty awesome so far
bluedynamo (Over a year ago): - delete
Hey good people! I would like to see you folks play a couple of Dreadball battle reports. Necromunda would be excellent too. I know, it's not the sort of thing that people play a lot. But, with your help, you may be able to change that! Thanks for being my daily vice!!!
Ledz3p (Over a year ago): - delete
Ok i just looked, its in the BRB FAQ about MC who are swooping can choose to do skyfire!
Ledz3p (Over a year ago): - delete
@tomthetyranid: the new nid FAQ im pretty sure says that Monstorous Creatures choose wether they use skyfire for that turn now...
misomiso (Over a year ago): - delete
I used to play chess too! What was your favorite opening?

Is petrol expensive in Canada?
Is Welland a swing constituency in Canada?

What do you think unmodified leadership is in relation to Spirit Leech? The faq seems to confuse characteristic checks and leadership tests. A level 1 deathmage with a TK next to him would seem to have leadership 10 under the FAQ. Unbalanced for a signature spell? If not you should try that combo out.

Could you publish some short stories for DP soon? I find characters and the conflicts they face really help flesh out a universe and tie it all together, like Victoria Haley from Warhmachine, although you dont seem to be much of a fan of fluff! Also I get the story of DP, but not the Tone. Could you help a bit? Is it Gothic? Zany? Grim? The Art is all quite clean.
dakkabringer (Over a year ago): - delete
Hey Matt!! thanks for all these videos, love them for leisure and whilst i paint. Wanted to know what part of 40k brought you into it? I think there are a few aspects to it like gaming, painting, modelling (kit-bashing) and even collecting for a few. For me it was gaming, followed by modelling and then onto painting. I've been on forums where people throw alot of hate on others who are playing to win, but if gaming was the aspect that brought them in this game altogether then would you say that them aiming to win would be their way of loving the game? Wanted to know your opinion on it. cheers!
kevlar (Over a year ago): - delete
what do you do at home jest for fun that not wargaming and maybe come christmas you shoud do a mwg famly card video so we can see all your famlys
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