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Duffman (Over a year ago): - delete
Wheres Joe and why isn't he in any Batreps?
Crossfireme (Over a year ago): - delete
What is the status of Dark Potential at the moment?
Shapher (Over a year ago): - delete
What are your long term goals for miniwargaming?
Bloodygamers (Over a year ago): - delete
Great to see you started your sit and talk again. It is good to have something to listen to that is war gaming related while I paint. Now to ask the question - Is their any plans for some lord of the rings content in the future? & when are you and dave going to have your next game together ( it has been ages)
lazencantm (Over a year ago): - delete
How do you feel that the Allied Detachment rules will affect the shaping of new codices?
megamanrocx (Over a year ago): - delete
Hey Matt, If you could choose any rule that was your favorite addition to Warhammer 40k 6th ed. what would it be and why? What is the one rule you hate above all others?
Thayvian1 (Over a year ago): - delete
I wanna hear you discuss the new challenge rules. Specifically can a daemon prince HQ in a challenge,win said challenge and then move out of combat even if the other models in the assaulting unit are still in base contact when it does it's consolidation move. Also where's the weight loss vids with the wife?! I loved those.
jeppe (Over a year ago): - delete
hey matt,
what do you think about tyranids in 6th?
what are the strong points of them? because i'm doing a blog soon about all the armies who changed from 5th to 6th in tactics
RoberttheWise (Over a year ago): - delete
First question:
Repost from the last video.

In my oppinion one of the biggest issues of 40K is, that the codices are updated independant from each other and quite rarely. This way we end up with 2 edition old codices playing against freshly released ones. This spawns lots of balancing and army polularity issues. Warmachine solved it by updating all models for Mk2 and by bringing some new things for everyone with each update ofter the main release. Infinity handles it similary while having the option to hotfix stats and rules due to their rules being fully available online.
What do You think about this issue? How do You plan on tackling it with DP?
GuySmiley (Over a year ago): - delete
With the Hobbit movie coming up, do you think MWG will start doing some batreps and other videos on the LotR or War of the Ring games? Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think you once mentioned you started wargaming because of the GW LotR models, do you still play with them?

Other Comments

jpdinoryan (Over a year ago): - delete
Could you show me your yraid army at least your poits andcould you show the 6th edition rules.
Dartdon0424 (Over a year ago): - delete
Hi Matt, my girlfriend asked me this the other day and it got me thinking, have you ever considered including a section for female gamers? I know that this requires you to find someone who wants to do it in the first place, just a fleeting thought
lean-v (Over a year ago): - delete
Hi Matt, like many others, I've been entranced by Dark Potential since the beginning, and I can't wait to see the models! With a final release creeping closer and closer, I've been wondering what kind of advertising and networking you have planned to really allow D.P. to spread beyond the MWG commmunity. Store posters? Shout-outs? Magazine Ads?
Ghazghkull-is-under-my-bed (Over a year ago): - delete
Hey matt,just wondering if m,w,g would do some necron tactica videos. My friend just started an army and I think it be really helpful if he had something to help him with his army as he is new to the game
Ricer (Over a year ago): - delete
Ooooh I have questions, Matt. I have a Flying Hive Tyrant I just got but not sure what I should do for load out? Also my wife is thinking about starting Khador. I am more than willing to get her the starter box but what would be a good piece to get her after that?
blade_runner_28 (Over a year ago): - delete
hi matt, really need you take on the cleaving counterblow rule for oberyn for the Necrons. I play eldar and my brother in law necrons we can not figure out if missed attacks on the unit Oberyn is in count toward his bonus attacks, i would lean towards not but i would appreciate a point of view from a Necron player.

Keep up the great work!!
lordraptor (Over a year ago): - delete
This one may be a little long winded...
Matt (and the rest fo the MWG staff), I am a musician, and I love playing music, but as soon as I started taking formal lessons and playing music as a job, I found that I started enjoying it less because I was playing it for different reasons than when I started. Have you found wargaming and working at a games store to be similar?
peterbernier (Over a year ago): - delete
Hi Matt, I was wondering if you could talk for a little bit about what sort of a digital presence you've got planned (or would simply like) for Dark Potential? In particular, I'm curious as to whether you're planning any sort of work on an Army-Builder-type application as I'd be interested in contributing to that sort of an effort (either through code reviews or usage testing).
DGL40k (Over a year ago): - delete
Hey Matt,

I think it would be pretty awesome if you made a "Funnywargaming" series with outtakes and mishaps from the videos you're uploading. Would be nice to see that
Scaler (Over a year ago): - delete
Question for the cooler:
I know its not a question for you Matt but if he happens to walk by could you ask the cooler where he got his awesome Aliens shirt in the last Chaos VS Tau banter batrep please?
Nystall4417 (Over a year ago): - delete
Hey Matthew im 14 years old so i dont have alot of income to support my hobby life (40k orks about 3000 points and warmachine 25 points) and was wanting to know what i should do. should i just stop collecting things till i can work for money or try to sell my warmachin stuff and use that money to get my orks going agian. I need some advise on it. Thanks.
surreda (Over a year ago): - delete
Hey Matt, Im from Norway so excuse any bad English.
Anyway I just bought Dark avengance And was wondering if I could use this set as Chaos space marine army with the dark angels as fallen dark angels.
What kind of colours do you use for fallen dark angels and will I need to use the Dark angels codex for the units or the chaos spacemarine codex. Thank you if you Answer this question. Also Would you recomend the Army painter Mega paint set or the Citadel one ?
bowlingball98 (Over a year ago): - delete
Hey Matt will you be showcasing your Tyranid and Tomb King armies?
Liamforth (Over a year ago): - delete
Hey Matt,

I bet you get asked this all the time but, how did your business start did you have online sales first or did you open a shop.

I'd like to know because a couple of friends and I here in england have a fairly big club going and we have always had dreams of opening our own shop, we would love some advice

Infinite-Freedom (Over a year ago): - delete
40k Question(s): What do you think of the opinion that Tyranids have been nerfed in the new edition? How has your play style changed with the new edition? What do you think of Dark Vengence?

WarmaHordes Question(s): Will you be getting the Conquest? If so will you make it another one day challenge?
neceti (Over a year ago): - delete
Hey Matt! I love MWG!!!! If you could lead a army, which commander would you want to be and why?
misomiso (Over a year ago): - delete
Could you please adjust the white balance on your videos, and get some more lenses!!!!! I know they're expensive, but once you get them you'll wonder how you ever lived without them, trust me.
NEOman123 (Over a year ago): - delete
Hey Matt. Warmachine question can a kador office and standard guard ( winter guard ) join a winter guard rifle corp unit.
misomiso (Over a year ago): - delete
Given that you play a lot of 40k, play other war games, run a gaming store and are in the middle of designing a game, (and that you are not part of the GW propaganda machine, honestly their constantly up beat blog and magazine articles make me crazy!), what do you honestly feel are the failings of 40K, and how would you make the game better, both in actual rules, and in how the Codexes and editions are organised?

We can see it on your face when you play; Warhammer Fantasy just doesn%u2019t do it for you. If 40k just needs a bit of streamlining, Fantasy feels like it requires a complete overall, especially when you compare it to Warmachine. You guys seem to have so much fun with Warmachine %u2013 what does it have that Fantasy doesn%u2019t? And if you were magicly made CEO of GW, how would you completely overall Fantasy to make it better? How would you correct any fundamental flaws?

You asked for questions
RoberttheWise (Over a year ago): - delete
Another question:

If a person, making wargaming videos for living, would constantly make factual mistakes and give extremely poor advice to his viewers, while still having great influence over many new players due to his owerall popularity and the production quality of his videos, how would it make You feel?
TheEmperorsPeanutFactory (Over a year ago): - delete
What's your favorite ancient civilization?
raydash (Over a year ago): - delete
Hey Matt! I was planning to ask this question for quite some time now... What do you think of the Infinity game? Anyone plays it?
SlaughterplaysthewrongGame (Over a year ago): - delete
what do you think about leadership in 40K? IMO it doesn't really serve a purpose, because pretty much EVERY army except for tau have a way around it (And They Shall Know No Fear, fearless, and generally high leadership)
the only time one does fail leadership, it's only annoying because they won't regroup anyway.

which is why I love DP. it's more realistic in the sense that people will simply be overcome by angst sometimes.
any news on that by the way? IIRC, the models are to be out by october or something?

I think that the game-part of Dark Potential doesn't really reflect the fluff aspect: namely, that humans and X'lanthos are struggling to survive. it seems (to me) that civilization has already reached something like medieval sizes and levels of organization (except for awesome black-box tech!).
do you agree, or could you (please) otherwise explain that (for example) the corp. has access to veterans like the commando (eventough DP is like 4 generations after the war)?

last but not least: to really get the right feel for DP, I think it needs somekind of objectve-based/capture the flag-type scenario. (wait I'm going to the forum now!)
xStuuy (Over a year ago): - delete
What did you do in order to paint your wraiths in your 30 day challenge? What are your views on Dark Vengeance and it's ability to be a great introduction into the hobby or a way to expand your current force?
Phury (Over a year ago): - delete
Glad to see these starting up again!

Quick question, would you ever be able to come out on a Wednesday night to the store for some Warmachine games?

Keep up the great work!
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