Re-Positioning Space Marine legs

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Published on: Dec 24, 2008

How you can convert your space marines into any pose or position you want.


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ARMIES: Rule Mods and Spin-offs, Conversions

Do you want your space marines to look different and better? Then this is the tutorial for you!
You will need:An Image
Small Saw
Green Stuff (available from
Plastic/super glue
A Base
Small Files
Sculpting Tool
Small Drill
Wire (same thickness as the drill bit)
Space marine Legs
Vice/clamp (optional)

Stage One: Cutting
You will need to cut the space marine into five pieces by cutting around his joints (red lines) use you small saw and you vice/clamp if needed as it will make it easier and safer.
An Image

When cutting the lower leg you will need to cut it in two places so the ‘knee pad’ is joined onto the lower leg. Cut where the red lines are shown on the image below. Some space marine legs do not have the ‘knee pads’ so this doesn’t matter.
An Image

You should now have five pieces which should look something like this.
An Image

Stage Two: Using Wire
Now you need to connect the legs back together with the wire. Drill holes as shown below
An Image

Now Thread a piece of wire threw the hole gluing both ends make sure your wire is long enough leaving a small gap between the joints such as in the image bellow
An Image

It should now look like this
An Image

You now what to do the other leg. You can now move the joints around bending the legs into any poison (that is possible for a space marine). Choose you position i.e. Kneeling, running standing on something…

Stage Three: Green Stuff
You want to now fill in the gabs where the joints are. Mix some green stuff up (make sure you have a cup of water so it doesn’t stick to your fingers or sculpting tool.)
Take a piece of green stuff and place it into a gap between the joints this is what you are filling in. use the sculpting tool to mold the green stuff.
An Image

Once the gaps are filled in add some detail such as the lines of fabric.
Now stick you master piece onto a base and done!

Now be the envy of your gaming club with you converted, custom space marines!
An Image

An Image

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