RECAP Chaos VS Orks Banter Batrep

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This video contains only turn recaps with short army details at the beginning. This RECAP video was made for those who enjoy watching battle reports but don't want to sit through a fully detailed one.

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  Comments   Share (Over a year ago): - delete
Dave thanks for doing all these banter batreps, i know they take a long time for you to edit and i appreciate this. i would love to see some more of these particularly vs tau or grey knights as these are the armies i play and love to see other players tactics with these armies.
MarneusCalgar123 (Over a year ago): - delete
Thankyou! I would much rather have quick one part batreps.
The-Lawn-Chair (Over a year ago): - delete
The Orks should have won, because on the turn a Waaaaaaaaaaaagh!!!! is called with Ghazkull all orks automatically count as rolling a 6 on there running that turn.
kp539000 (Over a year ago): - delete
great battle guys! i believe that dave's bad rolling at times was tzeentch's trickery as revenge for fielding blood angels. also for all guys at mwg, have you guys ever had/thought of doing a campaign like planetary empires?
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This is the same batrep as the Orks VS Chaos full banter batrep but it's...yep you guessed it, a recap version.

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