Project Dwarfs Day 1...or is that Dwarves?

Inspired by AGProductions Project Wood Elves from a while back, I decided to buckle down and give this Dwarf Battalion the WarbossTae treatment...IN ONE MONTH!

I'll update each day on my progress with assembly and painting, as well as any tips, techniques and tricks that I might have for putting together and painting the little buggers.

The goal: Have a completely painted battalion by the end of the month to photograph and submit to to use as a product picture for their Dwarf Battalion boxed set! LET'S DO THIS!

Welcome to Dwarfvember!

Music provided by with the Creative Commons license. Track name is "Deliberate Thought"

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andlord12 (Over a year ago): - delete
i like your cat
dustinp (Over a year ago): - delete
Sweet man, love me some dwarfs. nice to see a bit more fantasy popping up around here. can't wait to see em finished.
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eliteijr's Avatar Author: eliteijr
Added: November 4, 2011
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I'm actually up to Day 4! Follow my journey on YouTube!

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