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Hello all, Skari here:

My brother and I have decided to do a paint or Die! thing. (well he joined the one at the local GW in London Ontario and I have decided to do it as well). At the end of 6 weeks we have to have 1500pts completely painted and based! And we will then have a series of games and battle reports where we can only use our painted models.
In this thread you will see the Dark Eldar list that I will be working on as well as updates on the progress. I encourage tactical discussion in regards to the list and please feel free to hassle me if I have begun to slack on the painting work . Us pointy dark eldar shall have a really fun Real-space raid .

Here is the list.
The Baron (and his kitchen sink) - 105pts

Heamonculus with a liquifier gun, and a Webwayportal - 95pts

3 Gotesques, Liquifier, Aberration with scissorhands - 140pts
Raider with a Flicker Field - 70pts

10 Hellions Helliarch with agonizer - 185pts

10 Warriors Sybarite, Blaster, Splinter Cannon - 125pts
Raider - 60pts

10 Warriors Sybarite Darklance, Blaster - 140pts

9 Wyches Hexatrix with Agonizer, One set of gauntlets - 130pts
Raider with Flicker fields and an aethersail - 75pts

3 Wracks - 30pts
Venom with Dual Cannon - 65pts

Ravager with a Flicker Field and a Night Shield - 125pts

Razorwing with Splinter Cannon and Two Dissintegrators - 155pts

Total- 1500pts

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zombiekiller (Over a year ago): - delete
Hey Skari, did you do a conversion for the Baron? if so, can you post a picture of him? i want him in my army but i can't find him. :/
zombiekiller (Over a year ago): - delete
haha yup. he definitly can't forget the girl friend
Skari (Over a year ago): - delete
My brother is running a Space Marine army.
3 Full TAc
1 5 sniper
Libby and 5 TH termies

@ luish88: ya mean wife
outerzekrom (Over a year ago): - delete
what is your brother thinking of playing
luish88 (Over a year ago): - delete
Yeah! Great start.
I think you can do it with no problem.
Just don't forget about your girlfriend.
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By Brother and I, 1500pts. We paint or we loose.

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