Ork Tactica: Elites Meganobz

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Top Comments

general-metcalf (Over a year ago): - delete
what i love doing is stuffing mad dok grotsnik in a unit of meganobz, now you can upgrade them with cybork bodies and they get feel no pain and are fearless!!!
Ledz3p (Over a year ago): - delete
just don't let the meganobz near any staircases!!!!

Other Comments

willswaim25 (Over a year ago): - delete
MegaNobz 3 are cheaper than Termmys
MRoberts (Over a year ago): - delete
DaemonMaster (Over a year ago): - delete
Im making my MegaNobs out of chaos terminators kit and a nob kit
choasorkeldar (Over a year ago): - delete
good advice
scotzy1995 (Over a year ago): - delete
you could have dok grotsnik and give them cybork body. but more of a fun list though
Dez (Over a year ago): - delete
MegaArmored Warboss with a Bosspole in a Trukk with 5 MANZ. Has to be the killiest unit I use, and I ALWAYS take them...except in the rare occasion I play my all bike list.They will survive forever, kill lots, and count as Troops.

I also like to take them in units of 3 in a Trukk, I think of them as Taktikal Nukes. I'll fire that off at whatever I want dead, with little regard to their survival. I'm always happy when they do what I sent them to do, and they are ready to kill more.

...I'm going to look forward to the Flash Gitz video
Rated_lexxx (Over a year ago): - delete
Meganobz are actually cheaper the nobz. A meganob cost 40 pts a regular nob with pk cost 45 pts

The difference is nobz are tougher the mega nobz and get and more upgrades
Duranix (Over a year ago): - delete
if you take mad doc grotsnik as one of your HQ choices, you can actually give the meganobz cybork bodies this works incredibly well if your HQ choices are a warboss/ghazghkull -and- mad doc, then you can have a squad of meganobz with cybork bodies as a troops choice! XD
TaikDaBrain (Over a year ago): - delete
And if they are sitting on objectives anyway the rokkits can do pot-shots against vehicles or some of those juicy space marines.
Viratin (Over a year ago): - delete
One tactic that I've enjoyed is using meganobz as mobile cover. I fielded two large squads of meganobs and had them hoof it in front of all my boyz, who were also on foot. No trucks, nothing. But what it did was make my opponent, who was Tau, have to decide whether he wanted to shoot the Meganobz and have to deal with 2+ armor, or the boyz behind, and deal with 4 cover save. He ended up taking out all the meganobz by the time I got into assault range, but that left three squads of thirty slugga boyz able to rip into nice juicy Tau
Sovspot (Over a year ago): - delete
A good strategy with meganobz is can stuff them in a trukk with thraka. Which is called a MANz missle I think.
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Armour? On orks? These MUST be good!

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