More Plague Giant

Just a quick update as I work. Flesh is done. Really like how bruised and battered, and really decayed he is looking right now. However, he feels almost too dark so I plan on making the various cloth pieces a bit brighter and more colorful. I also figure that the armor bits will also lend some contrasting color as well. Leaning towards basing my models in snow or tundra like setting also. Comments, questions and all that very much welcome. Critique also very welcome. Cheers.

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Gorefangz (Over a year ago): - delete
that is gross. i love it
Greystoke (Over a year ago): - delete
very creative. I think it looks good.
natt85 (Over a year ago): - delete
should of made the bottom jaw connect to the giant jaw. but still ok
Beavis002 (Over a year ago): - delete
nice job that looks so cool
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Added: August 24, 2011
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Just an update in my paint of the Plague Giant.

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