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Salem12 (Over a year ago): - delete
Hey matt, considered doing another anniversary style batrep?? funniest video i ever watched.
misomiso (Over a year ago): - delete
Hey mat
Could you keep doing your normal sit and talks as not everyone is able to make the live shows, and recordings of the live shows have you going off on all these crazy tangents the whole time! Like when posted some concept art that only the online people could see!

The pre recorded ones are nice as you pretty much get to every question so we know if that if we posted something you will comment on t at least briefly, and I ended up posting so many questions and you barely got through any of the printed out sheet!

Having said that you were much more animated in the live show than in the last sit and talk. You seemed really down last time but have now perked up a bit!
misomiso (Over a year ago): - delete
Also on the website you now have a 'Live show' link that indicates there is a live show but after the link there is no show.

Would you check on this as its a little confusing.
yoyoman996 (Over a year ago): - delete
Hi Matt, what upcoming Codex are you most excited for?
ballzonya (Over a year ago): - delete
Hey Matt hope you answer this one. You have a necron army did you have as much trouble assembling their units and other models as much as I have...its really annoying me

Other Comments

Mrclean81 (Over a year ago): - delete
Hey Matt! Have you read any of the dune books? Your thoughts?

Thanks for answering your fans.
animefreak0908 (Over a year ago): - delete
hey Matt awsome video i love thease videos they really motivate me to paint well more likly they are the only reson i find my time to paint couse i think its relativly boring to paint even with music but not with thease videos
well to the question (sorry it took so long)the dark potential model are they gonna be painted when you ship them sorry if you alredy awser this question i must have missed it
niclebel (Over a year ago): - delete
Hey Matt,

This is pretty off-topic, but I'm wondering: Would you ever consider opening a second store? I would REALLY REALLY love to work with you guys, but I don't want to move to Welland, I live near Ottawa. Would you expand if a study was made that showed there wa a sufficientdemand for it?
UltraChaos (Over a year ago): - delete
What do you recomend to use to asemble metal models and the dark potential models
Drazzmar (Over a year ago): - delete
That is an impressive Beard.
Straggler (Over a year ago): - delete
Not connected to my previous comment, I've been working a bit on an unofficial Dark Potential RPG game system. Even if it's just something that's going to tide me over until an actual one is released it's becoming a bit of a brainchild of mine.

Right now it's only in very conceptual stages. I'm thinking about a few things from a designed perspective especially considering what system it should use. (D20, D100, Unisystem, GURPS etc.)

Here's a link to the first forum post I made about it.

I hope to get some community interest in it, whether or not anyone else is interested could change how it's made, but either way it will likely exist in some fashion or another, even if it's just to tide my group over until an official version is released.
Straggler (Over a year ago): - delete
Hey Matt, I've actually got a few questions pertaining to some business sides of things.

First, I've been looking into starting my own online retailer in the States which i've also discovered is almost impossible. All game companies seem to resent/hate online stores that aren't their own. Have you got any tips?

secondly, Have you ever considered setting up a distribution centre in the states as I imagine you have a lot of fans here and it might create a significant boost in sales for your online store if you made is easier and faster to recieve product in the states.

Thirdly, going back somewhat to the first question. With Dark Potential are you planning on allowing online retailers to purchase from you wholesale or are you going to limit it to brick and mortar stores as seems to be the standard in the industry?

I love miniwargaming and dark potential. Thanks.
neceti (Over a year ago): - delete
Can you do a MWG themed gangam style?!!?!?!
RoberttheWise (Over a year ago): - delete
Hey Matt,
I find, every P&P-RPGamer has a type of character, he (or she) usually plays and always fals back on after trieing different character concepts. Some always play mages, some play dwarf barserkers, some elvenninjababes. What is your character type?
chebba98 (Over a year ago): - delete
your site should combine with jays painting service site, i just commissioned him to paint something
TheBigMekk (Over a year ago): - delete
Hey thanks for getting to my comment's and questions a few "verb and talks" a go.

To clarify when I asked about "ministry" i was wondering if you ever thought that you could use the hobby to find and make connections too people who might not have heard the gospel. It was a passing thought, but i haven't had enough time to really spend with other players so I'm not so sure about how/if it could be done.

Lastly I'm having a little bit of trouble with claiming my Dark Potential "perks" from the Indi-go-go campaign. I just followed the link to the page where i input my email address a few days ago. once i try to give it my email, it tells me to seek support. i haven't gone down all the avenues of support, but i was wondering if it's to late to redeem the five models perk. either way it's great to know i supported the game, i'm really pumped to see the site now, and the new reclaimer models. Keep up the good work guys.
tocktacat2223 (Over a year ago): - delete
where is the link to the DP art
LadySoria (Over a year ago): - delete
Hey Matt something I've been worried is that as Dark Potential gets bigger and bigger you'll leave MWG behind.. is that a possibility?
RandyC (Over a year ago): - delete
Dan can not do movember. If he shaves his beard what would happen to all the Orks that live in there?!
misomiso (Over a year ago): - delete
How do you think 3d printing is going to affect the industry?
Crashgolem (Over a year ago): - delete
Hi Matt are you going to make video tutorial for all the power attacks in warmachine...i can only find one on slam and one on push.
reddragon162 (Over a year ago): - delete
So Matt, hot did your kids like Trunk o' Treating this year?
Stryke (Over a year ago): - delete
That 'Look a Bee' joke you pulled on Nick in the interview was the most amazing thing i've ever seen! Thank you so much
MrFreeloader (Over a year ago): - delete
How old are all the content creators?
KeyboardTherapy (Over a year ago): - delete
Under what circumstances did you manage to steal Dave from the Warp and coerce him to take up residence at MWG? The two of you seem like an odd couple at first, but make a great pair.
ifpete2 (Over a year ago): - delete
Ahoy there, I wondered if you guys had been using war room and have any opinions on it? I think it's a brilliant reference tool but it does have some issues when used with playing the game. Have you considered anything similar for dark potential? I understand there's a million other things that need doing before hand but I think using apps is certainly a step forward from stacks of out of date books.
Accipiter_Lucis (Over a year ago): - delete
Hey Matt, thanks for Answering my comments and questions.

My name is pronounced ax-sip-it-er Lu-sis and it means the Hawk of Light in Latin.

With your website i am able to talk more in depth about it through skype, but when i first encountered you i didn't come back for a few months because the website was too daunting and i didn't know where to look.

I am launching a youtube channel in december, hopefully the first is it okay to mention MWG at the end of the video and link you in the description? We have no business at the moment so why not help out one we like...

DeltaCommando17 (Over a year ago): - delete
@misomiso: They had a live show earlier today, but it's over now
SWSKRAAL (Over a year ago): - delete
what do you think about XCOM: ENEMY UNKNOWN? and what scale (I don't know how but I actually forgot) are the DP miniatures gonna be?
HowlingWolf (Over a year ago): - delete
Hi Matt,

Can you make another play-test/batrep with the Reclaimers? I know now how the others work but am curious on the Reclaimers.
I really, really like the long not much edited videos! maybe a dual way to publish? Both as a edited and non-edited version. Saves time editting and more to watch
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