Learning 6th ed with MiniWarGaming: Vehicles and Rending Part 1/3

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Learning 6th ed with MiniWarGaming: Vehicles and Rending Part 2/3Learning 6th ed with MiniWarGaming: Vehicles and Rending Part 3/3

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Top Comments

Fredly11 (Over a year ago): - delete
Yay! finally Matthew is doing some 6th edition!
Skarshak (Over a year ago): - delete
So glad these videos are continuing! Keep em coming
xzandrate (Over a year ago): - delete
Nice little learning videos
peterbernier (Over a year ago): - delete
Matt, I'd love to see some skirmishes involving the new Chariot model type (ie, launch some assaults with your Command Barges!).
BloodAngel9 (Over a year ago): - delete
Two things. One, it says on page 426 of the rule book that all other vehicles (meaning not walker, fast, heavy, or fliers) can only fire 1 weapon when moving at combat speed. Second, on page 40 under "power of the machine spirit," it says: "in a turn in which the vehicle neither moves flat out nor uses smoke launchers, the vehicle can fire one more weapon at its full ballistic skill than normally permitted." So you cannot move flat out and use power of the machine spirit.

Other Comments

ranmyakki (Over a year ago): - delete
One thing about pre-measuring is that in real life combat, most fairly experienced fighters know the general distance from them to what they're trying to shoot or run too.
In a few ways it makes logical sense.
Esparoba3 (Over a year ago): - delete
vehicles that moved are WS1, does this means that khârn can hit them on a roll of 2? because FAQ says "against models with a WS value, khârn's close combat attacks always hit on a 2+"
EpickBeardMan (Over a year ago): - delete
Premeasuring, and the death of the "FUDGER". "I rolled an 11... did I get it?" "Nope" "Wait... SEE... now I'm touching his base" "How'd you???!!?" NOW: *measure* "So I need an 11?" "No...12" *looks* "Okay.. cool" *ROLL*
_edge_ (Over a year ago): - delete
@kingbaby: Zogash85 is right, it is in the 6th edition FAQ. Anything that is in a current FAQ is valid with the current ruleset no matter what, if it wasnt they would have removed it. They left that in the FAQ as it is still the case.
kingbaby (Over a year ago): - delete
@Zogash85: That particular FAQ entry is an old entry that was there BEFORE 6th ed came out. However, Since the wording for a 'Weapon Destroyed' result did not change,... I suppose it stands. However, I don't see how Deff Rollas are NOT included as it is a vehicle upgrade that most certainly functions as a weapon. Sadly there is nothing in the BRB that says things have to "make sense"! Good Luck with that!
Zogash85 (Over a year ago): - delete
@kingbaby: No, it mist definitely CANNOT be destroyed by "Weapon Destroyed" - the newest FAQ is still very specific about that.
kingbaby (Over a year ago): - delete
The Deff Rolla CAN now be one of the possible weapons destroyed. Page 74 of rule book -- "This can include vehicle upgrades that function as weapons."
LiftyDoritos (Over a year ago): - delete
DAN - @ 3:14, not trolling, but you say "if you move at combat, you can fire two of your weapons." this is wrong. 40k BRB pg 71 " a vehicle that has moved at combat speed may fire a single weapon using its ful BS. the vehicle can also fire Snap Shots WITH OTHER WEAPONS IF IT WISHES".

unless i missed an FAQ changing this, i believe you are incorrect.
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Matt and Dan try out some of the new rules.

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