Special Terrain Rules

Damaged plasma reactor:

An abandoned plasma reactor that has become unstable and highly dangerous, and is a hazard to nearby units.


At the start of each turn, roll 1D6 and compare the result on the reactor damage table (see below). For each ranged attack that damages the reactor, roll 1D6 and compare to the reactor damage table. For the purposes of being a target in the shooting phase, the reactor is counted as a vehicle with armour value 12 on all sides. If the reactor goes critical (see damage table for details) it is no longer a target for shooting. No units can ever charge at the reactor in the assault phase (No one is that suicidal after all).

Reactor damage table:

(1 or 2) – Stable
The reactor remains stable and does not have any effect for that turn.

(3) – Flash
The reactor gives out a blinding flash of light, blinding and disorientating nearby units.
All units within 6” must take a pinning test (using their unmodified leadership value), regardless of any special rules such as Fearless, or Synapse in the case of Tyranids.

(4 or 5) – Plasma Pulse
The reactor sends out a blast of energy that damages nearby units.
Any models within 6” (except closed top vehicles) take a S5 AP4 hit, with saves allowed. Models within range, but without a line of sight to the reactor will still be hit, but will get a cover save depending on what is blocking their line of sight.

(6) – Critical
The reactor begins to rapidly destabilise and then explodes in a huge blast of plasma energy, causing massive damage to the surrounding area.
The reactor will explode at the end of the players assault phase. All models within 10” will take a S8 AP3 hit, with saves allowed. Models within range, but without a line of sight to the reactor will still be hit, but will get a cover save depending on what is blocking their line of sight. After the explosion, the plasma reactor is removed from play and replaced with an area of difficult terrain such as a crater.

Tyranid brood nest:

The entrance to an underground bio-factory that spawns an endless tide of Tyranid creatures that rush to join the battle.


At the start of each Tyranid turn, the brood nest randomly spawns a new brood of Tyranids. Roll a D6 and compare the result to the spawning table (see below). All broods spawned count as a single unit regardless of size, and can move and shoot as normal on the turn it emerges. Also, spawned units have set weapons and no biomorphs or upgrades such as Without Number. Spawned units do not count as scoring units, but victory points are still earned for killing them. For the purposes of being a target for enemy shooting, the brood nest counts as having Toughness 6, 4 Wounds, and a 4+ Save. If the brood nest is reduced to 0 Wounds, the entrance is assumed to have been too badly damaged for any more Tyranids to emerge from it, and so the nest no longer produces new Tyranid broods. Also, as long as it has at least 1 Wound remaining, the brood nest is counted as a synapse creature.

Spawning table:

(1) – Tyranid warrior
A single Warrior is spawned, armed with scything talons and a devourer.

(2) – Ripper swarms
2 Ripper bases are spawned, armed as standard.

(3) – Genestealers
3 Genestealers are spawned, armed as standard.

(4) – Hormagaunts
4 Hormagaunts are spawned, armed as standard.

(5) – Gaunts
5 Gaunts are spawned, armed with fleshborers.

(6) – Nothing
The brood nest does not spawn any new Tyranids for this turn.

Necron shrine:

An eerie Necron shrine that exudes arcane energies, empowering nearby Necron weaponry with its power.


All Necron units with at least half of the unit within 6” of the shrine add +1 to the strength of any ranged weapons they possess. Necron lords also add +1 to their own strength for the purposes of close combat. For the purposes of being attacked, the shrine counts as a vehicle with armour value 13 on all sides, and with 2 structure points. The shrine cannot be assaulted due to the crackling field of energy that surrounds it.

Armoured defence turret:

A malfunctioning defence turret that spits fiery death upon anyone who strays too close.


At the start of each player’s turn the turret will fire in a random direction. Roll a scatter dice, and place the flamer template facing that direction, with the narrow end of the template touching the edge of the turret. If a ‘HIT’ is rolled the template will still scatter (use the small arrow on the ‘HIT’ symbol). Any models touched by the template will suffer a S5 AP4 hit, without cover saves. For the purposes of being a target, the turret counts as a vehicle with armour value 14 on all sides and 2 structure points. For each shot that scores a glancing or penetrating hit on the turret, roll a D6. On a roll of 1, 2 or 3, the turret is stunned, and does not fire next turn. On a roll of 4, 5 or 6, the turret loses a structure point. If the turret loses all its structure points, it is destroyed and no longer fires. The turret itself counts as impassable terrain, and cannot be attacked in the assault phase.

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gerard1234 (Over a year ago): - delete
cool and acurate rules 5/5
AFatalPapercut (Over a year ago): - delete
Nice job, this must've taken a lot of thought and planning. Adds a sort of RPG element to your average battle.
locbot (Over a year ago): - delete
A necron player settin gthe terrain for a match....

a shrine here...maybe one here...oh here too...and that city fight terrain is a shrine too if your wondering...in fact lets say area terrain is a shrine...
Weeden-Project (Over a year ago): - delete
The Tyranid brood nest is designed specifically for special missions, not normal games, so kill points wouldn't be an issue
kooleyo (Over a year ago): - delete
the necron seems the best especially if they are fighting nids because their guns are pretty bad, and as long as the necron player parks his units around it necron lord pwns units in combat, warriors shoot almost everything before it gets close
kooleyo (Over a year ago): - delete
the tyranid seems bad for the tyranid player if you ask me because each unit counts as a kill point, gaunts and steelers are fairly easy to kil with a little firepower especially in groups of 3-5
eats49 (Over a year ago): - delete
kill stuff with terrain
Tenchside (Over a year ago): - delete
Awesume 5/5
Weeden-Project (Over a year ago): - delete
Not really, its designed for special kill team missons etc.
tyranidhordemasta (Over a year ago): - delete
um with the tyranid one wouldn't it be a bit unfair to the opponent?
somethingthewolf (Over a year ago): - delete
Very well done 5/5
Kaerous (Over a year ago): - delete
I like the idea. It might slow down the game play a little, but it would add a much needed outside variable to the matches.
Bloodtyrant (Over a year ago): - delete
heh pretty cool idea, destructible terrain. Wonder why GW doesn't have any of this.
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