Fast Cavalry Special Rules | Daily Tips | Warhammer Fantasy

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Auronite (Over a year ago): - delete
It's really difficult for me, as a High Elf player, to field Ellyrian Reavers. They're extremely expensive, and they eat up special points that could go into the powerful white lions or phoenix guard that I prefer. I have no luck with heavy cavalry, though I think that is because I am always facing goblin fanatics and cannonballs that can't ever seem to miss from dwarves. That said, I was not aware that you could reform into a single line to get behind a unit, I merely thought the reform allowed them to move in whatever line they felt like to avoid terrain. Perhaps Reavers are worth 21 points a piece...
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Darrell has a look at the special rules for fast cavalry in Warhammer Fantasy, and how he thinks they work.

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