Choas shrines (no paint)

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BigBadProduction (Over a year ago): - delete
show us the finished priduct! Put up a tutorial for it too, I would love to have something like this for my Chaos Terrain Board I'm owrking on atm. Great job!
nicknoo (Over a year ago): - delete
looks cool!
Imperialdudecoolz (Over a year ago): - delete
@MrFiremagnet: They are I finished them before I put this up for some reason?
MrFiremagnet (Over a year ago): - delete
Not bad at all! I'd love to see it finished.
Imperialdudecoolz (Over a year ago): - delete
this was the pre stages of it the finished ones got posted before this lol
mother (Over a year ago): - delete
vary nice
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Imperialdudecoolz's Avatar Author: Imperialdudecoolz
Added: August 21, 2011
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i toke some photos that i ment to put before them. so if you wanted to see raw chaos shrines here you go

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