Chaos Daemons Update- Review

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Yurdahil (Over a year ago): - delete
I don't get, how you can't like the update. Noone expected daemons to get some love in a long time, now you got some and are not happy with it...
A tip of mine, just read again through the new screamer rules and profiles and you should release, how awesome they are now. (Because 3 S5 AP2 attacks with armourbane and Ini 4 are so bad compared to the old profile...) Deepstriking and in the same turn turboboosting and dealing damag with it is awesome as well.

About the Soulscent rule: You don't get an extra attack per hullpoint, you get an extra attack for each unsaved wound you inflicted with the hammer of wrath, which could potentially be a lot. (I'm not a huge fan though. But the unit of chariots seems sweet and strong.)

About daemons being the only no-psyker race: Oh my, I must have missed, that Necrons, Black Templars and Tau us psychic powers now...
I personally think, daemons should not have psychic powers, because it wouldn't make sense, that a creature of the warp has to channel the powers of the warp (and can potentially get parrels), they just use them freely what you can see in their special shooting abilities. (things like the pavane of slaanesh or the changelings ability would be psychic powers for other races.)

For daemons in Fantasy: They got debuffed pretty much. Flamers were overpowered before, now they hit much worse. As I heard the screamers weren't changeg muched. The Soulgrinder is ok, for a monster, but in Fantasy, Monsters are just not the ideal way to go, because the just get shot by cannonballs or are easily destroyed with magic.

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PowerRang3r (Over a year ago): - delete
@trizzek: im pretty sure the riders of the chariots have no INV save. But I agree with you about the screamers now.
PowerRang3r (Over a year ago): - delete
@Yurdahil: I know other races didn't get access to psychic powers but there are reasons for that like tau have no psykers, necrons don't use magic, and black templars have witches. But Daemons like you say can pull psychic powers from the warp so maybe if they were immune to perils that would be cool. But they should have gotten new powers they have like only 2 decent spells. Also bluescribes should be able to use opponents psychic powers because they travel the universe to learn all the powers. I do agree with you on the screamers now I forgot they get 3 or 4 attacks on a charge with Str 5 AP2 is actually very good but they cant use them when they deep strike like you said.
trizzek (Over a year ago): - delete
Bad? Screamers got a huuuge buff, and they're actually a viable replacement for Flying Daemon Princes now (because they do pretty much the same thing and they do it better).

And the chariots are actually pretty durable, since they're Daemons they get a 5+ save. Yes, they're only AV11, but you'll save a third of those so you'll be fine. Especially with the Exalted Chariot that has 4HP. I tried mine today for the first time, and despite loosing 2HP before I got to charge the Rending Hammer of Wrath was ridiculusly good. I also put a Herald in mine, with Pavane and Soporific Musk to make it even stronger... Because you want to charge as much as possible with this thing that's for sure!
The main problem is actually deep-striking in that huge base...
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Hey guys, in this episode i'll be going over the new updates for chaos daemons.
I will also let you know what was disappointing about the update and what are some positives that come from it like the new Exalted Seeker Chariot of Slaanesh. Please Subscribe and thumbs up for more videos in the future thanks a lot!

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