Box to Battle - Ork Bomba Part 1 - Unboxing, Magnetizing and Painting

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Zogash85 (Over a year ago): - delete
Oh, I forgot to mention the most tricky part: magnetizing the outer wing cannons!

It took me quite some hard thinking to figure it out, but in the end I dit the following:

1.) Choose the barrel you like and drill a 4mm hole right in the middle of the round part that goes into the socket and add a 4x1mm magnet.

2.) Dryfit both socket parts (just squeeze them together with your fingers) and drill a 4mm hole in the middle of the socket. The drill bit will probably force the two pieces apart, but it works as a starting point. Use any tool you want to scrape/drill/dremel out the rest.

2a.) you should now have both the upper and lower parts bearing a U-shaped depression that, when put together, will fit a 4x1mm magnet. It can be a bit larger and doesn't need to be even, just big enough to accomodate the magnet.

3.) On the upper (larger) part, use a tiny blob of greenstuff and some superglue to mount a 4x1mm magnet upright in the depression you made in 2.) in such a way that it is level with the remaining (half-)ring of plastic. Make sure it matches polarity with the magnet from 1.)!

3a.) When again dry-fitting both halves, the magnet should now reform the level circle inside the socket.

4.) Put the upper half in place in its wing socket, slap on the barrel bit from 1.). No glue! Rotate until you're happy with the barrel's alignment.

5. Now careful: put plastic glue (sparingly!) only on the exposed half-circle of the barrel-bit and fit on the lower socket bit. If done correctly, it should be a snug fit.

5a.) After the glue is dry, the barrel should be permanently attached only to the lower part of the socket. To remove the gun, just push down on the barrel to remove the lower part, then take out the upper part.

I hope that was understandable enough... ^^

Unfortunately, I have yet to find a convincing way to magnetize the half-open dive-flap of the Blitza-Bommer, so for now I just put the bits in flat. Any ideas on that?

Zogash85 (Over a year ago): - delete
Good work! I don't own an airbrush (sadly...) but I can see that I should get one - I brush-basecoated by Jet and it was a PAIN! Ugh! ;p

I also magnetized my jet, but unlike you I decided not to magnetize both the wing and the additional joint thingy. I'll never play a Burna Bommer anyways (it sucks ), so not much of a loss there... plus, there's only one grot body so you can't build both gunners anyways.

In the end, I permanently glued the wings to the additional-gun-joint and magnetized that to the hull/engine part, using 4x1mm magnets fore and aft of the ridgy-thingy (y'know what I mean ). I find this gives the wing enough grip to stay on even when brushed accidentally, though it still comes off quite easily when pressure is applied from straight above, but that's unavoidable due to leverage.

As the Blitza-Bommer only has one TL Supa Shoota, and the one big one is fixed, I added a 4mm magnet each inside the hull to hold the nose guns (a bit of Green Stuff, some super glue, and voilą). Since they sit in grooves, the magnets' pull through the plastic is enough to hold them in place.

I also found that the gunner gondola tends to fall off easily when the jet is held upside down (Beware the dreaded 'Unsupervised Gamestore Kid' :x, so I used a trimmed-down piece of sprue to put in a magnet-holding crossbeam underneath the socket, which perfectly holds the (also magnetized) gunner in place. The Dakkajet cover should hold without a magnet, but I went all-out just to be sure

Wanting to be able to use the awesome scarfed head when Dakkajet..ting and a closed canopy while Blitza-Bomming, I went ahead and magnetized the pilot's neck and two heads (one with scarf, one without) as well, using a 2x1mm magnet each. This way I can switch as required.

The Blitza's bombs are also held in place by four 2x1mm magnets each, one in each rectangular mounting bit and one in each corresponding wing depression. It worked a treat.

All in all, I love my jet, it's such a sweet model!

I hope I could give you some useful ideas, though it probably would have made more sense with pictures... ah well. ^^
BrotherSiline (Over a year ago): - delete
one thing i have found that makes wargameing vids hard to watch is the lack of background music, makes it feel really dry. good job putting some in for yours =p
orkybenji (Over a year ago): - delete
looks good!
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The first in a new series that follows the new Ork Bomba from the unboxing to assembly to magnetizing to painting.

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