Blood Angels vs. Chaos Suply Run PART 1/2

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World Of Pain (Over a year ago): - delete
orky - Finland. All together we got 4 active players. We are pretty old school (age 36 and up). I my self started with the Blood Angels back in the days when the first Space Hulk came out. After that we started to play WH40K. All together we got armies like: Blood Angels 10,000 points, Chaos SM 6000 points, Orks 5000 points, Deamons 3000 points, IG 2000 points and our new commers Necrons 800 points.
orkybenji (Over a year ago): - delete
What country are you guys from?
World Of Pain (Over a year ago): - delete
HD available! We try something different this time (only two parts in this batrep), so remeber to rate and comment so we know is this what you like or not.
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In this Reseda Prime original, Blood Angels must deliver three crates of Geneseed to the Imperial outpost. Chaos is aware of the plans, and has organized a raid...will the crates make to the outpost or is Chaos stronger after this battle?

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