40k Battle Report: 1850pts Orks/Tau vs Space Marines - REMATCH!

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GeekTinker (Over a year ago): - delete
Some friendly constructive advice: I usually enjoy a battle report involving Orks, but the camera movement across the table in this one makes me feel nauseous and the speed at which you were narrating was giving me a headache. The key to good battle reports is to slow down and to slow down. You seemed like you were in a complete rush to report each turn. Don't let me discourage you though, just pan the camera slowly and speak slower the next time you create a report.

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Krags47 (Over a year ago): - delete
Never thumb down constructive advice when it comes from the heart guys.

With that said You have very colorful narration. keep up the good work!

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sorienor's Avatar Author: sorienor
Added: October 17, 2012
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can the Space Marine player exact revenge for the previous pummeling?

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