40k Battle Report: 1750pts Orks vs Grey Knights

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orkybenji (Over a year ago): - delete
I'm so happy. Awesome game!
Shasy8shas (Over a year ago): - delete
I love seeing grey nights lose especially when they bring the razor back spam and the game is kill points
Bazza (Over a year ago): - delete
@sorienor: Ahh I see.
On a personal note I really hate rules like that. Having a character that is designed to avail of such a thing is fair enough. Having an upgrade to allow any character to use it just seems like a bad idea to me.
That's a criticism of the rule, not you.
sorienor (Over a year ago): - delete
@Bazza: Snikrot's ability is a completely separate rule from outflank/infiltrate called Ambush! and that is why an IC can go with him. This is confirmed in the Ork FAQ.
Todda (Over a year ago): - delete
You must roll panic tests as soon as you hit 25%, which your Boyz would have been fearless, so they would not have broken in hand to hand no matter what from shooting.
Bazza (Over a year ago): - delete
Umm, I know they actually used outflank, but that stems from the infiltrate ability. You know what I mean.
Bazza (Over a year ago): - delete
Question. Can Ghazhkull actually infiltrate with the kommandos like that? I've seen him do this in a few of these battle reports, but don't units lose the infiltrate rule if joined by an indpendent character without it?
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Razorspam vs KP denial in annihilation..

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