How to Play Fantasy: Hydra Charge and Attack

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rogueSRA (Over a year ago): - delete
You seem to forget that Hydras cause Terror. So you need a Ld as the Hydra charge and an other as the hand to hand combat starts.
This could really change the combat if the DE misses the Fear-test and only get WS 1.
DoblinJames (Over a year ago): - delete
Cannons are just way to widespread for monsters to work out though.

That, and Bestigors with great weapons and a flame banner against a Treeman Ancient. That was a sad day.
GrandAdmiralThrawn (Over a year ago): - delete
@Liquidedust: thanks!
Liquidedust (Over a year ago): - delete
@GrandAdmiralThrawn: Technically a War Hydras frontage is 90mm due to the handlers, Cooler plays without those actual models however.

Though the handlers cannot be hit or wounded, all hits and wounds that would normally allocate to them are instead allocated to the Hydra itself (yeah one of the quirks with the War Hydra and a gotcha before you are aware of it).

All they are are some additional attacks at a higher Initiative since they cannot be killed, though they are removed from play if the Hydra dies before you ask.

And the handlers move up into base to base contact during combat to increase the frontage to 90mm (20 50 20).
Ichshadon (Over a year ago): - delete
Nice Information, i liked the video quite alot.

I would however not use a Hydra as an example for monsters in general, they have a lot of rules that most monsters don't have (regeneration,hatred,flame attack with high strength, 2 higher initiative support guys that can't be hurt) and that dramatically increases their killing potential when compared to "normal" monsters like Griffons or stuff like Dragons...

GrandAdmiralThrawn (Over a year ago): - delete
Hydra has a chariot base (50x100mm) and DE Warriors are on 20x20mm after maximising attackers/defenders in BtB wouldn't only 12 Warriors fight with the Hydra?
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Here Owen goes over how a War Hydra charges and attacks an infantry unit, as well as going over the general rules for monsters.

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