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Hey everybody! So I'm Aaron, or ajree210 on here and YouTube. I have a pretty big Tyranid army and I'm looking forward to a new Tau book in the (hopefully) near future! Cheers!

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Tyranids Vs Grey Knights Video Battle Report
Tyranids Vs Grey Knights Video Battle Report
This is round 3 against my buddy's Grey Knights. Can they finally purge the Tyranid invasion or will they press through the Inquisition ranks? Watch and find out!
Tervigon/Tyrannofex Unboxing
Tervigon/Tyrannofex Unboxing
I know there's lots of unbooxing videos already out there, but I finally got my hands on my own kit so I decided to make my own! Enjoy!
Tyranids Vs Dark Eldar Planetstrike
Tyranids Vs Dark Eldar Planetstrike
My first game of Planetstrike against some Dark Eldar space pirates! It was a really great game, can't wait to play Planetstrike again.
Custom Tyranids: Tervigon, Mycetic Spore and Swarmlord
Custom Tyranids: Tervigon, Mycetic Spore and Swarmlord
I go over how I made my three custom built models in my Tyranid Army: My Tervigon, Mycetic Spore, and Swarmlord.

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Tyranids Vs Grey Knights BatRep
Tyranids Vs Grey Knights BatRep
So this is a rematch of my previous report. It was a REALLY good game, couldn't have asked for a better rematch. If you haven't seen the first game, check it out on my channel. Enjoy!

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ajree210 (12 months ago):
Holy crap, it's been a while! So a lot has gone on lately, with wargaming and life in general. It's looking like there will be more content from myself as well as a friend in the near future...
ajree210 (Over a year ago):
I was planning on getting a game in this week, but we're supposed to get hit really hard with some serious snow storms...Might be a few more days until a new BatRep comes out. I'll maybe work on a Tactics vid or something in the meantime.
ajree210 (Over a year ago):
Game against the GK went awesome! It was super close...I'll get around to posting the video soon.
ajree210 (Over a year ago):
Got a rematch against the Grey Knights this weekend...I'll do my best to film as much as possible and make an epic batrep of epicness!