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City Fighting CSM/Necrons vs. Deldar 2500p
City Fighting CSM/Necrons vs. Deldar 2500p
Chaos has descended to the ruins of once powerful Necron Tomb World, but now the living machines live to serve the whims of Chaos...little do they know, that the Baron Sathonyx has informed the Craftworld cousins about the technology and energy which is located in the city ruins...the race is on, who will get the booty and who will get their booty kicked? Hit like and subscribe!
City Fighting Eldar vs. Blood Angels 2500p
City Fighting Eldar vs. Blood Angels 2500p
We took the old Cities of Death and chose the Plant the Flag -style of a mission. We dropped First Blood from the secondaries and had ten ruins, which you could claim, by planting a flag in the beginning of you movement phase (with a scoring unit). Every unit could "unplant" the flag in the beginning of their movement phase, cos we restricted the FOC ONLY to Infantry! Talk about guerilla warfare! It was a tight and an awesome game and we had TONS of ruins and statues and stuff, REALLY blocking the line o...
Dark Knights vs. Chaos Wolves
Dark Knights vs. Chaos Wolves
Dark Eldar + Grey Knights vs. Chaos Space Marines + Space Wolves 3k vs. 3k WH40K Video batrep
BA+Eldar vs. CSM+IG 3000p
BA+Eldar vs. CSM+IG 3000p
"Good" vs. Evil...3000p...Attacker vs. The Defender...

Farseers warned the Blood Angels about Abaddon´s they have seen the fortress he has constructed in the outer rims of Imperial Space and the contimination of souls has caused the planets Imperial Guard to turn traitors...Eldar always have their own agenda on things to come and this one needed their here they are...mortal enemies fighting against a greater threat...

Mankind (BA+SW) vs. Xenos (Eldar) 3500p
Mankind (BA+SW) vs. Xenos (Eldar) 3500p
Space Wolves and Blood Angels are defending a vital gateway to the Imperial Spaceport. Shield generators are holding the advancing Eldar at bay, so they have to be destroyed and the defending forces too. Can the Mankind muster the strength to hold their ground, or shall the Eldar trickery be their downfall?

Special mission from the Reseda Prime -FLGC! 3500p of human gunline in form of Long Fangs and Runepriests, plus a Assault forces of Blood Angels, that are not to be underestimated...Eldar player mu...

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World Of Pain (7 months ago):
Necrons have awaken! Three matches from ELdar, Grey Knights and Space Wolves against these robotic beings are now up! More to come!
World Of Pain (Over a year ago):
Coming up! We are playing a 14,000 point Apocalypse game tomorrow and we try to make a new battrep from it. Its going to be 7000 points of Blood Angels vs. 5000 points of Chaos Traitors and Demons with 1500 points of Ork support (with da Stompa!).
World Of Pain (Over a year ago):
More batreps coming out! Subscribe us and check our youtube chanel. We do take requests - so if you have a good battle idea, do tell us about it. Next one is going to be a city fight, with lots of buildings and urban terrain. Hope to see you as our channel subsciber! To next time - RESEDA PRIME production team.
World Of Pain (Over a year ago):
New battle report is out. This time its attack and defend mission between the traitor marines and orks. This game includes many mission special rules that we hope you can add to your own games. Hope you enjoy this and please do rate us and add some comment if you like it or if you have an idea that we could use to improve our videos.
World Of Pain (Over a year ago):
We are going to play a new battle report game today. Its going to be one of our own missions called "Six-Three". We hope to get it out to you in the end of this week. Stay tuned!