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Space Wolves vs. Eldar 1000p
Space Wolves vs. Eldar 1000p
Last huzzah for the Space Wolves codex! A smaller BATREP for a change, 1000p and Maelstrom Mission number 1, Cleanse and Control...a VERY tight game with every unit counting hugely!
Iyanden vs. Inquisition/GK 2500p HD VIDEO BATREP
Iyanden vs. Inquisition/GK 2500p HD VIDEO BATREP
Over 20 Warp Charge points / Psychic phase!
Four Monstrous Creatures!
See, how Invisibility effects on the 10 man Terminator squad, which is joined by Grand Master and a Librarian!
Dark Eldar / Eldar vs. Blood Angels 2k
Dark Eldar / Eldar vs. Blood Angels 2k
At last the Blood Angels are in the 7th edition match!

How will they fare, as Mephiston has to take powers from the BRB?

Shall the Dark Eldar -allies cost them the match as they are summoned by the almighty Asurmen himself to fight on the Eldar side?

2000p of pure Maelstrom Mayhem, with loads of CC and surprisingly tough units in both sides!
7th Ed. BATREP CSM/Daemons vs. Iyanden 1750p
7th Ed. BATREP CSM/Daemons vs. Iyanden 1750p
We are BACK!

Cursed Chaos is trying to overwhelm the city ruins filled with vital sources of ammunition and fuel...Iyanden Farseerīs are having none of that and retaliate...
Maelstrom mission number 3, 1750p and a whole lotta carnage!! Enjoy!

Calixis Sector Episode 1
Calixis Sector Episode 1
First Episode of the Calixis Sector Recon Team -reports!!! This is a narrative campaign inspired by the MWG and our own imagination...first episode, is a a recon mission with 1250p and the Blood Angels -player has NO access to named characters, fliers/drop pods and has to have at least one Land Speeder in his FOC...what is the secret that the Calixis Sector holds? How is responsible of the destruction of the Imperial freighter? Come and see how the story unfolds and can the Blood Angels -player gather en...

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World Of Pain (10 months ago):
Necrons have awaken! Three matches from ELdar, Grey Knights and Space Wolves against these robotic beings are now up! More to come!
World Of Pain (Over a year ago):
Coming up! We are playing a 14,000 point Apocalypse game tomorrow and we try to make a new battrep from it. Its going to be 7000 points of Blood Angels vs. 5000 points of Chaos Traitors and Demons with 1500 points of Ork support (with da Stompa!).
World Of Pain (Over a year ago):
More batreps coming out! Subscribe us and check our youtube chanel. We do take requests - so if you have a good battle idea, do tell us about it. Next one is going to be a city fight, with lots of buildings and urban terrain. Hope to see you as our channel subsciber! To next time - RESEDA PRIME production team.
World Of Pain (Over a year ago):
New battle report is out. This time its attack and defend mission between the traitor marines and orks. This game includes many mission special rules that we hope you can add to your own games. Hope you enjoy this and please do rate us and add some comment if you like it or if you have an idea that we could use to improve our videos.
World Of Pain (Over a year ago):
We are going to play a new battle report game today. Its going to be one of our own missions called "Six-Three". We hope to get it out to you in the end of this week. Stay tuned!