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Nerd Station #2- Update and Beastman plans Nerd Station #2- Update and Beastman plans
by eman50 | Posted Mar 11, 2010 | 704 views | rated 4.5/5.0
I know it has been a really long time since I posted the first video, but the pc cord for the camera got lost and I just got busy with life. Now I'm hopefully going to be more consistent with updates. In this episode I'm just breaking open a beastmen...
warhammer, skaven, clan, rats , painting, challenge warhammer, skaven, clan, rats , painting, challenge
by spungemurphy | Posted Sep 25, 2013 | 114 views | not rated
So nearly finished these two units! All thats left is the two full command!
My hi-tech paint studio My hi-tech paint studio
by old git | Posted Jan 11, 2013 | 103 views | not rated
Why spend loads of money on this hobby when you can improvise!!
July Painting Challenge July Painting Challenge
by brickheart | Posted Jun 29, 2014 | 55 views | not rated
What I have on my plate for July
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