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Sit and Vault with Josh July 22 2016
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Games Workshop’s Specialist Games - The Reroll Ep 13
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The Rangers: Drustan Chronicles (Short Film)
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Matthews 5,800 Points of Salamanders - Horus Heresy Vlog Ep 7
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Dreadnoughts - 40k History Ep 3 Dreadnoughts - 40k History Ep 3
by MiniWarGaming | Posted Jul 23, 2016
Dreadnoughts are towering war machines of the Adeptus Astartes piloted by a Marine whose body has been crippled in battle.
Sit and Talk With Josh July 22 2016 Sit and Talk With Josh July 22 2016
by MiniWarGaming | Posted Jul 22, 2016
Josh sits down in this weeks sit and talk and answers your questions. Some questions include Age of Sigmar, Who exactly would survive on Fenris, and who would die. Tune in and listen to the answers and many more.