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New Tau Codex Ep 5 - Heavy Support
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Why Eldar Wave Serpents are the BEST TRANSPORTS in 40k! Why Eldar Wave Serpents are the BEST TRANSPORTS in 40k!
by PowerRang3r | Posted Jun 27, 2013 | 437 views | rated 3.4/5.0
Welcome to our Tactics Thursday Video! Today were going to discuss the eldar wave serpent because it is just so dang GOOD if used correctly. We also talk about some undiscovered tricks to make this vehicle even better than people think. Please remember...
Eldar 6th Edition Review! Eldar 6th Edition Review!
by patsimens2 | Posted Jun 18, 2013 | 642 views | not rated
The 6th edition Eldar codex is out! This is my formal review of the goods, and bads of the eldar codex.
Eldar Allies for Tau -- New Eldar Codex Eldar Allies for Tau -- New Eldar Codex
by Invasive-Rhamnus | Posted Aug 19, 2013 | 172 views | not rated
The new Eldar codex brings a lot of great units to the table top, but not all of them are necessary or beneficial to a Tau player looking to bring Eldar allies. Here, I discuss how striking scorpions, fire prism grav tanks, farseers, and windrider jetb...
Eldar Codex - In Depth Look Eldar Codex - In Depth Look
by ScottishTableTGaming | Posted Jun 24, 2013 | 117 views | not rated
45 minutes of ma talking about the new eldar codex.
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