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Dwarf Stronghold! Dwarf Stronghold!
by Kelush | Posted May 16, 2011
I have made this Dwarven Stronghold thats in mountain with a cave in it. it also has cliface type walls surrounding the Stronghold ... i hope u like it... ENJOY!!!
Grombrindal - The White Dwarf Grombrindal - The White Dwarf
by jtrees | Posted Jun 16, 2010
WD Subscription model
Malakai Makaissons Goblin-Hewer Malakai Makaisson's Goblin-Hewer
by jtrees | Posted Jul 30, 2010
A wonderful model for a Dwarf Army
Kings of War Dwarf HQs Kings of War Dwarf HQs
by Greystoke | Posted May 12, 2012
Here are the engineer, king, beserker captain and standard bearer for KoW; but I since I plan on painting all my dwarves with the same scheme, I'll use them for WHF as well.
My First Dwarf My First Dwarf
by Haydn226 | Posted Jan 8, 2011
a few pictures of my first dwarf.
dwarf ghosts (pic heavy) dwarf ghosts (pic heavy)
by drummer1357 | Posted Oct 22, 2010
this is what you can do with some spare dwarf bits and some flying bases
Dwarf Ranger Standard Bearer Dwarf Ranger Standard Bearer
by TinyGiant | Posted Jun 23, 2010
A banner i made for my brother
Dwarf Lord Dwarf Lord
by Jebnus | Posted Aug 21, 2010
As the title states.
Josef Bugman Josef Bugman
by jtrees | Posted Jul 15, 2010
Warhammer World Exclusive model.
How to Convert Dwarf Hammerers How to Convert Dwarf Hammerers
by eliteijr | Posted Dec 12, 2011
Save money with WBT's conversion tutorial!
Dwarf Army paint scheme Dwarf Army paint scheme
by Greystoke | Posted Sep 18, 2011
These are some tester models for my Warhammer and Mantic Dwarf Armies. I have a champion here, and an ironbreaker and ironwatch regiment model for the Mantic Dwarf army.
Dwarf army in progress Dwarf army in progress
by fedje | Posted Apr 30, 2012
some photos of the WHFB Dwarf army I have been working on
Studio update: Amazing Dwarf Army display!!!! Studio update: Amazing Dwarf Army display!!!!
by dreamspirit | Posted Feb 10, 2012
Hope you guys like it! Milos
Eldar Guardian Showcase/Review Eldar Guardian Showcase/Review
by jpace95 | Posted Nov 1, 2011
This is a review of the Eldar Guardian Box Set it builds 10 Guardians & a Heavy Weapon Platform, I showcase what the box builds & how i built it. Watch to the very end, there's a surprise
Friday Afternoon Figures - West Wind Productions Friday Afternoon Figures - West Wind Productions
by agproductions | Posted Nov 12, 2010
Awesome range of minis!
Hulgrif Dwarf Barbarian (Reaper) Hulgrif Dwarf Barbarian (Reaper)
by Greystoke | Posted Sep 18, 2011
I like this model as a champion Trollkiller for my dwarf army.
Bjorti Trollsbane Bjorti Trollsbane
by ntoadeath | Posted Mar 5, 2011
Redboxgames model bjorti trollsbane on a scratchbuilt base, work in progress photos included. if you have any questions then please ask me on my channel, the content, or in a message! :)
Showcase: Ice Dwarves Blood Bowl Team Showcase: Ice Dwarves Blood Bowl Team
by Epic-Duck-Studios | Posted Jan 29, 2016
Showcasing a recently completed commission for an Ice-themed Dwarven Blood Bowl team.
Dwarven Hold Dwarven Hold
by ofthesith | Posted Aug 16, 2011
Just something to show off my Dwarfs when I get them done.
Project Dwarfs Day 1...or is that Dwarves? Project Dwarfs Day 1...or is that Dwarves?
by eliteijr | Posted Nov 4, 2011
I'm actually up to Day 4! Follow my journey on YouTube!