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Updated Hive Tyrant Updated Hive Tyrant
by CPTHawkeye | Posted Aug 22, 2016
I wanted something fairly unique and I haven't seen many schemes using the teal/turquoise coloration.
Necron Sentry Pylons and Vegeance Weapon Batteries by Tree House Minis Necron Sentry Pylons and Vegeance Weapon Batteries by Tree House Minis
by MiniWarGaming | Posted Jun 20, 2016
Matthew shows off his new Necron Sentry Pylons, Vengeance Weapon Batteries, and Tyranid Meiotic Spores painted by Tree House Minis.
Starter army update Starter army update
by CPTHawkeye | Posted Aug 26, 2016
A showcase of the models I'm working on. Forgive the lighting, it's finicky in my apartment.
Product Review | Pyrkol Templates and Tokens Product Review | Pyrkol Templates and Tokens
by tylertt | Posted May 19, 2016
Today we review and show off the tokens and templates available from Pyrkol. Music By: Kevin MacLeod
New Tyranid Army New Tyranid Army
by Vaughn | Posted Jun 1, 2016
New Tyranid army
Tyranids Tyranids
by Vaughn | Posted Jun 2, 2016
Two Nids I painted and some terrain I made
First Box First Box
by CPTHawkeye | Posted Aug 19, 2016
This is officially my first box of 40k Models. Love my new Tyranids.
by Warzone40k | Posted Dec 7, 2016
We present you our new gaming mat demonstrating a Tyranid world - Hive!