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Dark Eldar Rumors - 2016 Dark Eldar Rumors - 2016
by FoxCDN | Posted Feb 3, 2016 | 268 views | rated 3.0/5.0
Very exciting for Dark Eldar players, again they're just rumors and could be entirely false. Thank you Frontline Gaming and The Dark City for posting these rumors, they made me very happy for now.
Awakening: Recon Awakening: Recon
by FatManProductions | Posted Jan 27, 2016 | 30 views | not rated
Story wise Awakening: Recon is a miniature game set in our galaxy thousands of years in the future. The Awakening was the arrival of the Ipse to our galaxy, a species completely alien to all of our galaxy’s life forms. The races now compete for the eve...